Globlins Review

Globlins Review

May 10, 2014

I challenge folks to find something unlikable about Globlins. Go ahead.

The joy of the gameplay resides in the potential of continual action. Each playing area is generally a grid, with differing number of blobs in them. At the base level, tapping on a blob causes it to pop and simultaneously emit a destructive pellet in the four “cardinal” directions; if these pellets strike another full-grown globlin, that globlin explodes and shoots off its own projectiles… and so on and so forth. Thus, if the right blob is tapped in just the right location, it’s possible to create a cascade that takes out many — hopefully all — of the mind-bedding creatures.

There is an energy requirement, represented as “drops,” that are expended for every tap. As such, the other gameplay angle is to clear the board of the blobs with as few drops as possible. There is a set number of drops that can be used per level.glob1

The key, though, is the aforementioned “full-grown” status. The blobs come at different stages of development, and only fully grown ones can be popped to explode; the young ones need to be tapped to grow (or can be grown one level when hit with a projectile). When tapped to grow, a valuable drop is expended, so again, there are opportunity costs associated with that. There are also special blobs that can be manipulated or even purchased with real cash.

Lengthy cascades are rewarded with money and drops, which is good. Unused drops get converted to points, and bonuses can be earned by meeting preset thresholds. If a level can’t be completed, one can buy some drops with real cash or wait on Mother Time to replenish the drops. As the game progresses, the playing areas and special blobs become more intricate, and there are even bosses and creative functionality built into the game. I’m not a fan of energy requirement, but the arcade like power-ups and ability to use game cash to buy them somewhat makes up for it.

Globlins is one of those games that is able to flirt with both the fun and the simple, and come away getting dates with both. In today’s gaming environment, that is easier said than done.

Globlins Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Looks and sounds fun, with decent animations.
Controls - Simple and intuitive taps.
Gameplay - Fun and engaging, with a subtle touch of arcade concepts.
Replay Value - Quite addictive, but a bit held back by energy requirement.
Overall - Engaging game, with a lot of playable upside.

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