Greedy Dwarf Review

Greedy Dwarf Review

May 2, 2014

In Greedy Dwarf you control a dwarf in a mine cart, collecting gold and surviving the inside of magma-filled cylindrical caverns. It’s a endless runner type of game, chopped into different levels.


The controls of the cart are fairly easy to comprehend. By swiping left or right, the cart will go that direction respectively. The levels are mostly in the form of a cylinder, so the dwarf can ride not only on the ground, but also on the walls and the ceiling. By using two fingers or both thumbs, the mine cart jumps. The problem with these jumps that is difficult to see when to jump or where to land, because of the 3D environment. When dying often, this gets very frustrating.

The game gets better when the camera angle switches from behind the dwarf to a side-scrolling angle. Now, all of a sudden, you can plan your jumps and see them coming, because this angle works perfectly for the game. It even reminded me a bit of the awesome mine cart levels in classic Donkey Kong games – in my opinion, one of the best levels ever created in a platformer. Seeing this gameplay in Greedy Dwarf was cool and really supported the fun factor of the game.

Later on, the game introduces new gameplay mechanics like gravity defying platforms. Players will now play with reversed controls and play upside down, which really adds to the difficulty of the game. On moments like these, collecting gold becomes a secondary goal instead of the main, because surviving this feels like an achievement on its own.

At the end of the day, Greedy Dwarf presents a quirky, but difficult arcade game. It doesn’t take much time to complete the game when you’re good at it, the levels are all short, but the controls and presentation of the game are well done. But it lacks enough variation to keep the player interested, and it has a somewhat unfair difficulty curve. This game is for a gamer who likes a challenge – no matter if it’s fair or not.

Greedy Dwarf Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Although it looks really well, it's difficult to plan jumps.
Controls - Controls are perfect for the game.
Gameplay - An endless runner, divided in levels is okay. But the game has an unfair difficulty curve.
Replay Value - The game doesn't always feels fair, because of the curve and the fact you can't really plan your jumps.
Overall - A nice looking endless runner divided in separate levels, but a bit unfair.

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