Guerrilla Bob Review

Guerrilla Bob Review

Mar 25, 2011

Developer: Angry Mob Games
Price: US$2.99
Version: 1.1
App Reviewed on: Motorola Droid X

Kill ’em all! That’s what Guerrilla Bob would say, if he said anything other than cheesy one-liners while blasting away bad guys.

In this third-person, top-down shoot-’em-up, you play as Bob, a US Army soldier who’s been set up by his ex-best friend, John Gore. After being dishonorably discharged for crimes he didn’t commit, Bob decides to take justice into his own hands and become the rebel known as Guerrilla Bob. Ever since then, he’s been hell bent on taking John Gore down, personally.

With a devastating arsenal of weapons to choose from and a mouth full of true grit, you alone go into the war zone to treat Gore’s troops to heapin’ helpin’ of hot lead and explosives.

At the start of the game, you’re armed with just a machine gun and a short tutorial on how to wield it. You’ll be squaring off against footsoldiers, suicide bombers, psychos with chainsaws and bad-ass dudes with badder-assed rocket launchers. The fighting gets pretty thick out there in the desert, war torn towns and riverside locations you’ll have to shoot your way through. Slowly, but surely, you’ll pick up more weapons and power-ups to help you out, and you’ll need them, because there’s a big, bad boss at the end of every level.

The graphics are almost off the scale. The 3D environments are stylish with plenty of detail in the textures. The special effects are also top-notch, although there were some “floaty” textures here and there. Also, in places, there’s some other graphical flaws going on, especially along the sides of the screen where the camera gets a little too close to the walls of the environment. If you don’t look for these minor problems, though, you’d never notice them. It looks really good.

Guerrilla Bob also packs a few other excellent features in, like the ability to use hardware buttons with auto-aim turned on, or turn the game into a dual-stick shooter on a multi-touch device.

The feature I enjoyed most, however, was the multi-platform, co-op multi-player. Going above and beyond the call of duty, you can play with a friend over WiFi via Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch — with a PC version coming soon! This is a huge thing that I wish all mobile game developers would include in their games. Being able to play with your fiends, regardless of platform or device, is always a good thing. Huge kudos to the team for baking this feature into the game.

Although Guerrilla Bob doesn’t take very long to complete, you also have Mercenary and Survival modes to choose from in addition to the Arcade mode. Battle for points and fame, money and weapons or simply to survive. Plenty of replay value, all around.

If you’re looking for a really fun game to play in your down time or while hanging out with friends, Guerrilla Bob is a great game to have on your Android phone. Highly recommended.

Guerrilla Bob Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Although there were a few floating textures and other little flaws, the game still looks stunning. The music was good and the sound effects were ok, but hearing the same "death scream" and really bad one-liners from Bob over and over again did tend to wear a bit thin.
Controls - As mentioned in my review, you have the option of using the hardware buttons on your device for "auto-aim" or using the touch-screen to turn the game into a dual-stick shooter. It's great that you can control aiming yourself because Bob isn't always the best shot, but casual players will probably like using auto-aim more.
Gameplay - Killing lots of bad guys is a lot of fun, and you have a few different ways to play. It's nothing revolutionary, just good fun.
Replay Value - It's all about the survival mode and multi-player co-op. Long after you've finished the story mode and unlocked everything, there's still a lot of killing to do!
Overall - A great game with plenty of options and unlocks to keep it interesting. It's even got OpenFeint achievements and leader boards to give you a whole world to play against. But, in the end, again, the multi-platform co-op really sealed the deal, for me.

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