Guns of Boom Review

Guns of Boom Review

May 31, 2017

Some things are standard.

Seasons. Taxes. OS upgrades (no?).

No matter one’s creed or clime, there’s always space and time for a good, fun first person shooter. Game Insight looks to hold us down with its fun/serious release Guns of Boom – Online Shooter.

Yep, it’s time to run things…

The artwork is expectantly colorful; the animations are smooth at the onset, and the characterizations have a hint of the whimsical while remaining effective. The visual cues are familiar, and the fidelity to control is well done. The controls are virtual; by default, when can move around by gestures, and can look around intuitively by swiping across the screen. As hinted at earlier, this one is taken in in first person style and the controlled character auto shoots when a target is in his/her sights.

The game is kind enough to give the briefest of tutorials, and this one is straight-to-the-point; appropriately so, perhaps, because it is pretty easy to get into and find out how to play using dummy targets.


Actual play is equally as easy to get into. The game engine looks for a battle arena, and tosses in the players into a factioned battle. The main idea is to get as many points from dispatching the enemy group, just as they (the enemy fighters) are looking to do to you and your crew. Basically, roam around, and look to shoot. And yeah, avoid enemy gunfire.

Battle, battle, battle… and then some.

Now, if you do get killed by an enemy, you’re out… for a while. It takes time for the controlled character to respawn, but then you’re back in. The team with the most points at the end of the allotted time wins.

The game includes clans, awards that can be used to fine-tune stuff like protection, plenty of weapon choices and even leaderboards. Altogether, an exiting romp.

Guns of Boom Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Familiar and engaging.
Controls - Auto-shooting feature makes it easy to play.
Gameplay - Simple arena multiplayer.
Replay Value - Easy o come back to.
Overall - A fun new entry that brings a simple multiplayer action to life.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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  • Julio Colon

    Honestly, the most dishonest game I’ve ever played. For example, seems computer generated glitches are purposely placed as enemies magically appear behind you, on top of you, and even surround you by 2 to 4 enemies at once. I spent a decent amount of money and the more I spend the easier it is for me to get killed, literally most times just in one second. I believe that the purpose is to continue to buy medsome, and upgrade. But every time you upgrade you continue to battle enemies that are considerably rank higher than you. For example I found myself battling enemies that were ranked 15 times higher than I was. They had played over a thousand more games and I have, does this seem fair or a complete scan for you to spend money and buy meds with no intention of being able to enjoy the game. This is a warning guns of Boom is a rip-off and is a dishonest game. User name is PAPI