Gunship Strike HD Review

Gunship Strike HD Review

Jan 11, 2016

Chopper battlers never get old, and there should always be a place for entries like Gunship Strike HD.

Hopping on into this one reveals a game that is consumed in landscape; this also highlights the game’s core color scheme and artwork. We get a pretty realistic-looking set of backdrops that make great use of color; set views range from the seafaring to arid to the immensely mechanical, and we even get a tropical motif.

The incorporated animations are just as good as would demand in a game of this type, and the developer does a good job of adhering to the general rules of visual perspective. Movements are smooth, and for the most part, the gameplay is conveyed effectively.

As far as the actual gameplay goes, one is faced with a leveled adventure. The player’s gunship is controlled by virtual controls, and is controlled via an abbreviated top-down view. Movement is effected by combining tilt and a virtual joystick; with a little practice, one should be able to roll, dart and sweep in any direction. There is also a radar system that highlights the general direction of bogeys, and a bank of weapon buttons to the bottom right.


The very first level serves as a tutorial of sorts; the targets appear in the distance with life bars, and the main idea is to drain those life bars by continued fire. The targets are enemy vehicles, and stuff like towers, and at first, it is fairly easy to get three stars.

As the game goes on, it does get delightfully more difficult. Without spoiling too much, one learns that the action is two-fold… be prepared to play defensively as well as offensively, because the enemy does know how to bite back, and bite back harshly. The missions and achievements are varied, but the main objective remains the same: survive and advance.

Doing well earns game cash, and such cash can be used to improve one’s craft. The process can be expedited with real cash.

There’s not a lot to dislike, but picky folks might feel the controls could use a bit of tweaking. Grammar/spelling perfectionists might gripe about some of the verbiage, but all in all, it is quite a fun romp.

Gunship Strike HD Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Compelling looks and matching sounds.
Controls - Easy to understand.
Gameplay - Enjoyable, with two modes; gets a bit repetitive in parts.
Replay Value - Quite engaging.
Overall - A great looking chopper battler.

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