Gurk III, the 8-bit RPG Review

Gurk III, the 8-bit RPG Review

Aug 16, 2013

I wanted to start this review by saying how Gurk was an old-school RPG from the olden days, but quick Googling turned up the fact that there was no such thing, and my memory is playing tricks on me. Well, how about that. It’s actually quite a modern-day RPG that was simply made to look like it’s a clone of an old-school game. Still, it doesn’t mean that the game is in any way bad. Conversely, it’s one of the most absorbing role-playing games on the mobiles, and it manages to be like that with only a handful of pixels and colors to spare.

Gurk III, the 8-bit RPG 2In Gurk III, three heroes, a mage, a warrior, and an archer, have to travel across lands and dungeons, eradicating all enemies that are all too eager to munch on their squishy human faces. They are represented by a single icon on the global map, but when encountering an enemy, the map will zoom up on them, and they will fight the enemies in a turn-based battle mode. As in all the other RPGs, there are tons of items to find, and tons of gold to collect.

Each hero has his own unique skills, and equippable items, as well as his own health and experience points. When a hero dies, he can be resurrected at the altar in any town for a small fee, but when the whole party gets wiped out, it gets transported back to town, and suffers a significant gold loss. One of the many interesting features in Gurk is mage’s ability to cast certain spells even outside of battle, healing his comrades at any time. Well, the whole game is interesting, really. But it’s very rudimentary-looking, and its controls could be a lot better. Not that they are really bad, but I got tired of surfing through inventory every time I want to cast a spell or change boots to the ones I found.

Gurk III is a surprisingly rich and mechanic-packed game. It’s more than just a dungeon-crawler, and requires tactical skills to defeat some heavier or numerous enemies. If Gurk’s ugly controls and graphical style don’t steer people off the game, there’s a lot of potential in this small tactical RPG. I’d certainly like to see it evolve into something a lot more amazing in the future, but it’s really alright as it already is.

Gurk III, the 8-bit RPG Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Really primitive graphics, but nice 8-bit sounds.
Controls - Quite uncomfortable. Requires scrolling through lots of unnecessary inventory screens.
Gameplay - Tactical RPG that's not a bore to play is quite an achievement.
Replay value - Very catchy, and absorbing.
Overall - Not counting the unfriendly graphics and controls, this game is almost perfect.

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