Hamster Chase Review

Hamster Chase Review

Feb 26, 2013

Hamster Chase (from Gameion, Inc) tells the story of four hamsters that are on a quest to avoid a vicious cat and make it home scot-free. Translated to gameplay, it was a fun-filled obstacle course that tested dexterity of hand, sharpness of eyesight and quickness of reflexes.

The storyline starts with a moving truck mishap that pitches the two parties — the hamsters and their feline foil — against themselves and the world at large. the intro cutscene was a nice treat, and help give the game a little bit of character off the bat.

The game used muted pastels as the basis for its background, which was good at not distracting from the main play area. Outdoor scenery was soft and inviting, and the animations, while not processor-straining, where vivid enough to get the point across. I liked the attention to the little details, like the random flower.

By tilting my device, I had to navigate through various obstacles to get to particular end points in the playing area. The obstacles were varied, as well as the destination points and the number of hamsters I had to move. The tilt sensitivity was not overly sharp, which was good. The developer did well to be creative with the type of obstacles, incorporating moving ones, sliding types and more to kill monotony. There were a hundred levels and social networking functionality (Facebook and Twitter) for those that like letting others know about their game exploits. Additionally, the addition of the quirky, whimsically interactive hamster cage (with the talking hamsters to boot) was just an extra cherry of fun.

There isn’t a whole lot to dislike about this game. I found the innate simplicity endearing, and appreciated the hearkening to physical labyrinth games of yester-years. Hamster Chase should appeal to players of varying ages, and that is its truth strength.

Hamster Chase Review Rundown

Graphics/Sounds - Muted, non-distracting colors.
Controls - Easy-to-understand tilting.
Gameplay - Fun, creative boards with plenty of variations.
Replay Value - Pleasant time waster.
Overall - Fun game that will provide a lot of diversions.

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