HAWK: Freedom Squadron Review

HAWK: Freedom Squadron Review

Jun 30, 2017

On deck? HAWK – Force of an Arcade Shooter. Shoot ’em up!

Yep, it’s a mouthful. Goodness.

First glance… a brightly colored experience, pleasing to the eye and full of sharp animations. Folks shouldn’t fall asleep looking at this one.

The controls define this game. It works in portrait orientation, and the idea is to use a finger — fore seems to work best — to control hawk3the lead craft by “dragging it across the screen. This way, you can put it in position to train it’s auto-firing weapons on enemy craft and avoid incoming fire and other dangers. It’s a simple means of control we have seen before, and it works well here.

Like any game looking to describe itself as an arcade title, this one also has several boosts floating around… sometimes, they are not easy to get, and provide opportunity costs situations.

In the thick of the action, it becomes a bevy of strategic movement, darting forwards and back to collect goodies while avoiding all sorts of non-optimal objects. Doing well has its rewards, and these rewards are perfect for ship upgrades.

The challenge starts to build when the enemy waves start to get fancy. Then, it is harder to hit them, and the incoming shells become a bit less predictable. Heck, some diving ships mimic kamikaze planes in their ability to inflict damage by contact.

It’s poor form to mention other games in another game’s review, but it’s probably fair — and likely positive — to mention the parallels between this one and WWII battler AirAttack. The gesture controls are made for this, and while one might have to get used to the periodically blocked view, this control mechanism is about as natural as gets.

It’s a playful adventure, and seemingly works well because it doesn’t allow the one element to overshadow the others.

HAWK: Freedom Squadron Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Really engaging looks, with smooth animations and effective sounds.
Controls - Intuitive gesture dragging.
Gameplay - Air battle gameplay.
Replay Value - Fairly easy to get into.
Overall - A fun diversion.

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