Hell, The Dungeon Again! Review

Hell, The Dungeon Again! Review

Sep 11, 2013

It’s definitely a great thing that so many roguelikes are being released for the mobiles nowadays. I believe that this genre suits mobiles perfectly, and with some work, could save both the roguelikes, and mobile gaming from a slow decay. The only problem I have with mobile roguelikes is that they tend to be overly simple, with only the most basic rules and mechanics present. I understand that developing a complex roguelike is a daring task, doubly so considering mobile limitations, but I just really want to play a good one on the go. Well, while there’s no real choice, at least there are the games like Hell, The Dungeon Again! that can serve as great time-killers, even though they are a bit too simple for the fans of the traditional rogue-likes.

Hell, The Dungeon Again  1Hell, The Dungeon Again! Isn’t very different to the other portable rogues, but it isn’t worse than them, either. There are three heroes to choose from: warrior, archer and mage, all of them having their slightly different mechanics and stuff they can use. After picking a hero, the player is put inside a dungeon, from which there’s only one way – down. The player needs to go all the way down through the more and more challenging layers of the dungeon, killing monsters, defeating bosses and obtaining powerful loot. As the hero gets experience, he or she can learn three special skills that can be activated every once in a while. Interestingly, the skills are reloading not with any step taken, but only when the player hits an enemy. Anyway, the game doesn’t have much outside the standard dungeon-plowing. There are special items and unknown potions, but they don’t offer anything different from the standard bonuses. There is no gold or shop, so the items that the current hero don’t need, simply go to the trash.

Hell, The Dungeon Again! is a good game. Perhaps it’s quite simple, but there are many simpler games out there. The main problem I see with it is that I’m not sure who this game is for. It’s much too simple for the fans of rogue-likes, and much too unexciting for the standard RPG lot. Perhaps, if it would be a bit more varied, it would be a lot more engaging – but even as it is, it’s definitely a fine example of simple rogue-like RPG. There are no real issues, and the game has a fine 8-bit aesthetic, which fits nicely with the gameplay. So, I mostly liked it.

Hell, The Dungeon Again! Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Fine enough. Stylish 8-bitness.
Controls - Nothing really interesting. No continuous running, unfortunately.
Gameplay - Lacks depth, but doesn't have any other issues.
Replay Value - Although there are only three heroes, it's enough for several enjoyable replays.
Overall - Again, it lacks variety and depth, but is quite enjoyable.

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