Herman the Hermit Review

Herman the Hermit Review

Sep 6, 2011

At first glance, I thought that I was really going to enjoy Herman the Hermit. After all, the gameplay bears a lot of resemblance to other platform jumping/auto-running games that I’ve played, and I’ve always enjoyed those. But Herman the Hermit gets a lot wrong, and it doesn’t waste any time in showing you its ugly side.

Herman the Hermit features the titular character in a race against time. As strange as it may seem, his goal is to leap across a series of floating platforms as he collects power-ups and special trophy items. As the clock slowly ticks down to zero, the only way to build up time is to jump far enough to skip several platforms, causing butterflies to fly into the clock and adding extra seconds while raising the score multiplier. It doesn’t make any sense, but that’s the basic premise.

Controlling Herman is accomplished by swiping in the direction you want him to go. An upward swipe causes him to jump up high while tapping causes him to make short, quick leaps. It’s important to understand the distinction between movements because platforms can show up anywhere on the screen and the slightest wrong gesture will send Herman tumbling into the void. Advanced maneuvers earn you a higher score, but if you fall, you’ll lose your score multiplier along with precious time. Once the clock runs out, game over.

The problem with the controls is that they are terribly inaccurate. It takes a lot of finesse to get Herman going in the direction you want him to go, and even then, it’s a sketchy proposition. Sometimes, Herman just dives off the edge of a platform rather than leaping across the gap, or going in the complete opposite direction you need him to go. It’s very finicky and works against you, most of time.

Even if you become proficient enough with the controls to keep the game going, there’s not a lot of substance to keep it interesting. It quickly becomes an endurance test as you wonder, “Just how much more of this can I take?” Collecting power-ups, trophies and other items just becomes dull and tedious before very long. Other problems include long loading times and annoying background music. The technical problems ruin this game, but even without them, it’s just not a lot of fun.

In the game’s favor are the charming visuals and subtle, witty attempts at humor to keep it light-hearted and funny. From the names of achievements and trophies to the animation sequences when Herman dons a jetpack or rides the back of a rocket for several seconds, the game does its best to put a smile on your face. If only the rest of the game could provide as much fun and entertainment, it would be a much better experience. Instead, you’re left with a frustrating, boring game that you won’t want to play for very long.

Herman the Hermit Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The light-hearted visuals look good and appear bright and cheerful. I really liked the animated sun ray effect going on in the background. The music, however, is just terrible.
Controls - The inaccurate and cumbersome controls are the worst part of this game. Even if you get the hang of them, the repetitive motion can become painful and difficult to keep up.
Gameplay - The challenge of Herman the Hermit lies in leaping from platform to platform while attempting to grab special items without falling off the screen. However, if you're any good at the game at all, you can keep going for a long, long time, which leads to a very boring game.
Replay Value - With OpenFeint, achievements and trophies to collect, there's a lot to do, but that requires fighting through the frustrating controls and boring gameplay to keep going long enough to get them. In the end, I find that I don't really want to play this game very much, ever again.
Overall - Herman the Hermit is just not very good. I'm almost shocked that Capcom would attach their name to this. To their favor, the game tries to be funny, and there are cute moments that show you the developers actually cared about adding charm and wit to the game. But, between fighting with the controls and attempting to muster enough of an attention span to want to continue playing, I just didn't find very much to keep me entertained. I didn't like it, at all.

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