HexDefense Review

HexDefense Review

Mar 2, 2011

HexDefense is an open path tower defense game, where your goal is similar to other tower defense games – that is, you have to construct towers to take out enemies that spawn from reaching your goal. The difference is that there’s no set path that they travel upon, the levels are set upon a hexagonal grid, and part of the challenge comes from not just erecting the proper towers to stop the enemy waves, but from finding the correct layout to use. The enemies follow what is automatically the best path, so you have to try to elongate their path as much as possible to keep them away from the goal, and to do even more damage to them. By the way, you can’t get smart and just erect towers to block the path – the game makes you fight fair.

HexDefense is extremely well made for an Android game, featuring a game engine with OpenGL effects – when things get busy, they get very shiny, all with very little slowdown. The game is also a great value at $1.49, offering 20 challenging maps (with 5 of those being new in the latest update, along with 2 selectable difficulties). And yes, the game is very challenging, but it feels beatable, like the solution is a puzzle you have to solve. The game also makes you really think about your upgrades, since they’re very expensive, unlike in some games where upgrades are even cheaper than buying the units – the first level starts out at the unit price, and they go up from there. If you love challenging games, HexDefense will be your cup of tea.

HexDefense is kind of basic, though, with only 4 types of towers to use – if you like your tower defense games with loads of units, look elsewhere. As well, the game is hardly new – it’s similar to games like iOS’ geoDefense Swarm. HexDefense is sadly lacking any kind of online high score service – something like OpenFeint or Scoreloop would be great for the game. As well, it’d be nice to get some endless levels to play on, as each one is just 20 waves and that’s it. However, these features are promised to be included in a future update.

HexDefense is a great use of $1.49 for a game made exclusively for Android. There are some great production values, and great pick up and play gameplay that kept me coming back. There’s a Lite version that’s worth checking out to play a few levels, but this is a solid outright purchase.

HexDefense Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Simple geometric shapes and a a basic soundtrack, but plenty of shiny effects are here.
Controls - You have to be careful with which unit you select, as they are kind of small - I would occasionally wind up selecting a unit I didn't intend to.
Gameplay - Not exactly original open field tower defense gameplay, but still fun. It also presents a nice challenge, especially on Hard difficulty.
Replay Value - The 20 levels will take plenty of time to beat, but there's no endless mode or online leaderboards, as of March 2010.
Overall - Solidly fun tower defense that will challenge you.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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