Hextacy Review

Hextacy Review

Mar 7, 2011

Hextacy is a match-3 puzzler that has you trying to clear out hexagons from the board by drawing a path between connected pieces of the same color – at least 3 in a row. When you run out of matches, the pieces on the board become unusable for one turn, as new pieces drop on the board. As you make any possible matches with those pieces, then the next set of pieces drop on to the board, the pieces lock into place, and the pieces that were previously locked become unlocked. You continue this until you run out of matches, and have powerups like one that clears out a column, and one that unlocks all locked up blocks to help you out. There are also 2 other modes beisdes the core mode to play – there’s a Hardcore mode that makes you make matches of just 3 pieces, and a Pure mode that limits the use of powerups.

Hextacy is a very simple game to learn and play – you should be able to pick up on the mechanics after just one or two games. It’s not difficult to pick up on, which makes it a great casual and pick up and play game. The graphics are crisp and clean, and feature a nice electronic track playing that helps get you pumped up for the game. The game also runs smoothly, so your older device should play the game properly as well. The game also comes with online leaderboard support.

Hextacy tends to suffer a bit more from randomness issues – it’s possible to go from doing well to starting to get into trouble just by way of a bad drop, so longer games feel like a combination of making proper matches as well as getting a good draw. The controls also need to be reworked so that you can go back or cancel out a match path if you want to restart it. Being able to go back on your path or go off to clear it out would help. Dungeon Raid on iOS has a great mechanism for this. has a good mechanism for handling this. The game also needs to go with a more distinctive color scheme, or at least change the red or orange to a different color. It can be challenging to tell the two colors apart sometimes, and I can only imagine how hard it would be to play the game if you’re colorblind.

Hextacy is a simple yet fun little puzzle game. While it needs some work to make it better, if you want a solid match-3 game on your Android, Hextacy is a good choice.

Hextacy Review Rundown

Graphics - Nothing fancy, but graphics are all crisp. However, red and orange colors are difficult to distinguish, and may be impossible to play if you're colorblind.
Controls - You can't go back on a path you draw, which is something that needs to be fixed.
Gameplay - Game is a concept with some original elements, but randomness does tend to rule the roost sometimes.
Replay Value - Online leaderboards, 3 game variations, and a concept that's simple to pick up and play make this one that can be devilishly addictive at times.
Overall - Not an all-time classic, but it's a fun little diversion.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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