Hovering Controls Review

Hovering Controls Review

Sep 18, 2013

New phones come out all of the time. The problem is, the old phone might still be working great but the new phone could just have a cool feature. Most of the time, this new feature isn’t really worth $200 or more and the signing of a new contract. Hovering Controls is one of those features.

Hovering-Controls-4Currently I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. Even though many people have reception issues or other problems with the S3, mine seems to be working just fine. One of the features I really like on the Samsung Galaxy S4, is the hover controls feature. Basically what the hover feature does is allows the user to control features of the phone by waving a hand in front of the proximity sensor. Luckily, Hovering Controls is a much more inexpensive way to add some of this functionality to my older Samsung.

Hovering Controls gives three different hand gesture options for an extremely low price. The first gesture is holding a hand in front of the proximity sensor for a couple of seconds. This will activate a pre-selected application.

Waving a hand once across the screen will activate another app or there’s an option for was called carousel. The carousel will allow the end user to select several apps to be scrolled through by waving a hand in front of the proximity sensor with a single swipe. So, if there are five applications selected such as Flipbook, Twitter, Facebook, Feedly and Google+, it’s easy to change from one app to the other quickly by swiping a hand in front of the screen.

The third option is activating an application by swiping a hand one way across the proximity sensor and back the other direction.

After using Hovering Controls for a little while, I noticed it’s pretty sensitive. I chose Evernote to activate when hand is held in front of the proximity sensor. I didn’t have troubles activating this at all. The occurred with the single swipe option. I noticed I tended to activate this quite easily. I was constantly changing from one application to another unintentionally.

My recommendation would be to use the double swipe option as well as holding a hand in front of the proximity sensor to activate apps to avoid accidentally changing applications.

Other than the unintentional activation of applications, Hovering Controls seem to work really nice. The settings are very simple and controls are all hovering gestures.

Hovering Controls Review Rundown

User Interface - The settings menu is very easy to use.
Usefulness - It's really useful for quick activation of commonly used applications.
Performance - The app works great.
Value - A great way to get hovering gesture controls on a non-S4.
Overall - The only problem I had was the accidental activation of apps using the single swipe.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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