iBlast Moki 2 Review

iBlast Moki 2 Review

Aug 30, 2012

It was not all that long ago that Godzi Lab (formerly known as Godzilab, the name now spaced out due to legal issues with Godzilla’s lawyers) released their take on the physics puzzler, iBlast Moki, to Android. This was after iBlast Moki 2 released on iOS, and fans of the game have been left waiting. Well, no need to wait any more, as it is finally here.

The objective of the two games are the same: get the adorable Mokis from their starting point into the giant portal that serves as the goal. So what’s the big hook here? There are new paint bombs that change the physics of the surface that they explode on to. Yellow bombs make the surface speed up the Mokis, pink bombs make it bouncy, and green bombs make it sticky. Like other bombs, these can be set on a delay as well, which does become necessary in some levels which challenge the player with complex layouts.

Really, that’s the joy of iBlast Moki 2: the levels are so richly constructed. Some of the solutions to the puzzles are so ingenious that and often require solutions that are somewhat outside the box. Real thought and planning is required, there’s no real way to just fling and pray like Angry Birds. The replay value is very high, with a wide variety of online levels that are available to play, and a level creator that is so robust that the developers themselves used it to make all the game’s levels. There’s no limits to the creativity in this game.

Of course, with all the complicated levels, this game can be a little difficult to tryd to get in to, because there is that complexity. Solutions require patience, and the lack of a fast-forward button remains an annoyance. This is a very strategic and thoughful game, and it’s not just for those that want to fling objects and pray for success.

For those willing to handle the challenge that iBlast Moki 2 presents, it will be extremely enjoyable. Even if it doesn’t sound like the most appealing game right away, the fun that can be had from it is immense. I highly recommend it.

iBlast Moki 2 Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Colorful graphics, the mokis are as cute as ever. Animations are basic.
Controls - Simple pinching and zooming to navigate levels, and the circular bomb timers are still easy to use.
Gameplay - Absolutely inventive, challenging, and something that requires actual thought.
Replay Value - The built-in levels will last long enough. The ability to create and share levels makes the game last as long as the player wants it to last.
Overall - An amazing physics puzzler, to be sure.

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