IKnowU Review

IKnowU Review

Jan 8, 2013

The keyboard on Android device is one of the most used apps. Pretty much everything revolves around some sort of keyboard related input. Because of this, having a really nice keyboard is super important. IKnowU is an Android keyboard meant to help increase typing speed and efficiency.

As anyone who has used a mobile phone with autocorrect can attest to, the the accuracy of the autocorrect isn’t always the best. IKnowU does a really good job at predicting the intended words vs. feeling like it’s just making something up. IKnowU has a couple of ways to help with getting the desire word or phrases faster.

There is the normal prediction bar showing the potential words based on letters already typed in. Most phones and replacement keyboards have something like this. To type quickly, enter a few letters and look at the prediction bar to see if the word is there. If the wprd is in the prediction bar, tap on the word and move on. What is a little different with IKnowU is, if the word in the prediction bar has “…” after it, pressing and holding on that word will bring up a new set of predictions with words that might commonly be next in the sentence.

The grouping feature is pretty cool too. Typing in a few letters then holding the spacebar pulls up word options. By simply sliding a finger from word to word, a partial sentence can be created.

Syncing the personal dictionary across multiple devices is possible using their cloud sync service. This requires an account, but it still super nice feature not many keyboards offer.

In the settings, there is are a few options for different keyboards for tablets. When the tablet is in landscape mode, there is a split keyboard with the numerical characters to the left side of the screen and the letters on the right, there’s also what’s called a thumb keyboard. The thumb keyboard is nice because it splits the alphabetical characters down the middle and places the numerical characters in the center.

IKnowU is one of the most feature-packed keyboards on the market and well worth a try.

IKnowU Review Rundown

User Interface - Going from keyboard to keyboard, there is a bit of a learning curve. I like the built-in help option too.
Usefulness - One of the best predictive text I've come across in keyboards I've tested.
Performance - Like any keyboard, it takes a while for the personal dictionary to learn how I type. However, just starting out it was great.
Value - Downloading the free version is well worth the download. Buying the paid version opens up more functionality.
Overall - This is one of the few keyboards I've tried that makes me consider leaving the one I've used for quite a while.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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