Iron Force Review

Iron Force Review

Jun 4, 2014

Iron Force has an interesting premise. A tank based online shooter, is it worth being tankful for?

In Iron Force players fight in tanks. Most tanks aren’t too quick and missing a shot is costly due to long reload times. Thus, combat tends to be more about finding a good position and flanking an enemy, rather than simply driving up and shooting them. Just like real life, tanks have much less armour on their sides and rear and shots to these areas will destroy enemies much more quickly. Reloading tends to take about 4 seconds or more, so lining up that perfect shot is much more important than in other multiplayer games.

Screenshot_2014-06-01-18-19-14Iron Force is an enjoyable game. Its slower take on deathmatch is fun stuff and there’s always new upgrades to research or tanks to buy

Iron Force isn’t short on tanks either. A large selection of tanks, based on historical designs round out the roster nicely.

Iron Force is a freemium game, but it is quite generous with premium currency and it is fairly easy to get a good tank in a short amount of time. Even the basic tank is quite capable of holding its own. Besides premium tanks, there are also one use items like nitro, land mines and damage boosts that can be bought or picked up during matches.

Screenshot_2014-06-01-17-13-57Tanks can also be upgraded to boost their stats and these upgrades are on timers. A fuel system also limits gameplay.
Some of the upgrades don’t make any sense. Why is there a smoothbore “upgrade”? Tank cannon are generally rifled, not smooth and smoothing out the barrel of a tank cannon would make it less accurate, not more so. Why is there a turbo upgrade? Most tanks have turbochargers. Why is there a 1920’s era tank that is much more powerful than a t34, a 1940’s era tank? For players that actually are knowledgeable about tanks this game makes quite a few basic mistakes.

Iron Force looks fairly average. Tanks are well detailed and environments look varied enough, but weapon effects leave much to be desired. Tank cannon produce little more than small puffs of smoke and unexciting explosions. Tanks do not show visual damage and transform instantly into a wreck when destroyed. As it is, Iron Force looks a year or two old. The sound follows the same theme of good, but not amazing. A nice touch is that tanks make sounds when reloading is complete just like the player would expect, so it’s easy to know when a tank can shoot again.

Iron Force has the typical ranking system found in most online combat games and getting to the top ranks and acquiring the best tanks will be a long process, so this game has plenty of shelf life.

Iron Force is a great game, mostly due to its unique idea and different take on gameplay. It’s worth playing, especially for tank fans.

Iron Force Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Looks a bit old. More could have been done.
Controls - Takes a bit of getting used to, but good enough.
Gameplay - Fun, unique gameplay and a lot of different tanks to try.
Replay Value - Lots of ranks to achieve and heaps of tanks to try.
Overall - A great, fun to play tank game, Iron Force is a Tour de Force.

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