Jet Car Stunts Review

Jet Car Stunts Review

Feb 24, 2011

Jet Car Stunts is a port of a 2009 iOS game to Android of the same name, and it may just be the best iOS port yet. The game is essentially a platformer where you have to get from the beginning to the end, crossing through checkpoints, except you’re driving a car around the levels. Super Monkey Ball is a great comparison for the goal of the game. Your car comes with a powerful jet engine that allows you to pick up great speed and fly through the air. You also have an air brake that can be used to slow down while in midair lest you shoot over a platform, and you can use it to powerslide around corners. Your goal is to try to get to the end of a course as quickly as possible, and to try to complete the track in under 10 retries to get a medal. There are 25 tracks in 5 difficulties, the later levels being particularly difficult.

Jet Car Stunts’ gameplay and controls are simple to figure out, but the game is quite difficult with its later levels. The game looks great, as well, and runs very smoothly on the Galaxy S. There’s something addictive about it in the way that the game puts success within reasonable reach, making you think that beating these tracks with 10 retries shouldn’t be that hard…then you actually play some of the courses and it actually is. Jet Car Stunts also has some of the best OpenFeint integration seen yet – it’s identical to what was seen on iOS, with leaderboards for every track, and replays/ghost racers available for every player’s performances. Impressively, all the leaderboards and even ghost data work on Android, even if the player originally played on iOS. It’s honestly the best port of an iOS game to Android yet. It looks fantastic, and the gameplay has perfectly transitioned.

The tilt controls generally work very well, and the on-screen indicators help out a lot, but they may not be as precise as you want, especially considering that this is a game where you may need to be precise, you’ll have to accept that the tilt controls aren’t exactly perfect. You will crash and burn a LOT, and it’s not always the controls’ fault, but patience is really needed with the game. Also, there’s literally nothing here that people who have played the iOS version haven’t gotten to experience already.

Jet Car Stunts’ racing platforming gameplay may not be new in the grand scheme of things, but if you missed this one on iOS, then now is the perfect time to give this a run. The Lite version is definitely worth checking out, especially as it contains exclusive tracks not in the full game. This was a fantastic iOS game, and the Android port is about as perfect as you can get.

Jet Car Stunts Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The game looks and runs absolutely fantastic on Android.
Controls - Not as accurate as you'll want them to be, but they do a solid job at doing what you need them to do.
Gameplay - The game is deceptively challenging - you have 10 retries to try and beat a level. Once you get past Easy, you will need to use more than that.
Replay Value - Only 25 levels, but they'll take plenty of time to beat with a bronze medal, and having a wealth of OpenFeint features including racing ghosts of iOS users adds a ton of length to the game.
Overall - A fantastic game with a fantastic port. If you haven't played it yet, you owe yourself to play this one.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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