Jewel Breaker Review

Jewel Breaker Review

Nov 7, 2014

The Dutch game developer Excamedia delivers his first game on Android: Jewel Breaker. A quick puzzle game with solid controls.

The first game from a new game developer is always important. It is possible you’ve heard of the name Jewel Breaker before. Not because of this game though – but because of the simple fact that Jewel Breaker is a common name to give to a puzzle game, container jewels that can be broken. This is the first misstep a newly developer can make. This game is practically doomed from the start, because it is very hard to find the game in the Play Store or through search engines, without using ‘Excamedia’, the developers name, along with it.


But once you’ve found and downloaded it, you’ll come across another problem: although the game has a solid base, the gameplay doesn’t stay interesting for too long. In Jewel Breaker you’ll need too, well, break jewels. You do that by tapping the big jewel in the centre of the screen to match the small jewels that are going right for it. Once the colors match, you can break the small ones. When the small jewels hit the big one, it is game over for you. The only aspect that changes during gameplay is the speed and the amount of different colors.

Although that could be enough to entertain for I while, I found myself missing another button. A back button of some sort, where I could change back to the previous color. Now, it is only possible to go ‘forward’. And later on in the game, it is nearly impossible to match the colors, because there simply isn’t enough time to match them. Seems to me like an odd game design decision; the game doesn’t give me the chance to be better at it, by remembering the order of the colors. I just mash the big jewel, hoping to be on time to get the right one.

And that didn’t enhance my experience with the game. Something else that didn’t helped, was the fact that the game looks pretty low budget – the biggest jewel isn’t even in high definition and looks to be made in Paint. Well, not really of course, but that shouldn’t be the level of quality you must aim for as a beginning developer. Jewel Breaker could’ve been a lot better with slightly more time: polish up those graphics, produce a better fitting tune and bring in a back button, and I’m game. But for now, Jewel Breaker only shows us a good base for that game.

Jewel Breaker Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The main diamond is low in quality. Also: the music feels out of place.
Controls - The controls do not disappoint - the most solid aspect of this game.
Gameplay - It has its moments, but it is never really exciting.
Replay Value - With a few rounds, you'll move on to the next game.
Overall - This game has a solid base - it just falls short on delivering a great experience after only a few rounds.

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Wesley Akkerman
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  • Heiny Reimes

    Reading the review I expected a lower score, so I am actually not disapointed with the end result.

    But let me bring this out in the open, so people can follow our train of logic:
    It’s our first game and we are mainly aiming for just showing we can make a fun game within just a small timeframe, trying to learn alot about marketing/communication/exposure, can actually release a title and to see what technical things we were still missing. And boy has this been a short but very interesting adventure.

    But we are very thankfull for your veriew, since we are working on improving a few things, before bringing it to the Iphone and Windows Phone. And yes there will be an update for the Android version.

    Concerning the name:
    Actually since we are very new a publishing games and have alot of marketingknowledge to gain we were divided a little bit on things like the name. Since you are absolutely right, the name is already out there. But from a marketing perspective we got the advice that since it is our first title and it is a small game, you can get alot of people to find your title when looking for games with a simmilar name. But we are now considering for a little name change.

    Concerning the back button:

    To be honest, you are the first to comment about it, and while I understand your reasoning, the colorscheme is based on the colorwheel. So you have red, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and back to red when all colors are unlocked and they should appeal to a logical series of colors. So unless more people will comment about this, we will keep it that way (the customer’s’ are always right aproach). We will keep this in mind though and we do have an idea how to do it differently.

    Concerning the low budget comment:
    You are right, it is a low budget production and ‘this title’ was never meant to be more. Just a fun little game, in which one of our programmers could be taught that even with his current limited skills he could create something fun. But due to a review like this and comments from others, it helps us in our decission to improve the title, so we will. This title although initially not meant to be improved on(which we changed our opinion on), was always meant for us as the bottom to start from.

    So overall, we are “very” happy with this extentive and honest review, which we can really work with. So thank you very much Wesley, we will work on most of your comments!

  • Maarten Zant

    Wesley, thank you very much for your clear feedback and view on Jewel Breaker. Your points are solid and will be processed in our next update of the game.

    Maarten van Zanten
    CEO Excamedia

  • Ian