JotterPad HD Review

JotterPad HD Review

Jan 9, 2012

If there is anything that I like when it comes to reviewing text editors, it’s that they are just plain efficient to review. See, I can both test out this app and write up a review for it simultaneously. I imagine this is how word processor reviewers feel. It’s the Holy Grail of writing jobs! Well, app reviewing is a pretty sweet gig too. The latest on my plate? Text editor JotterPad for Android tablets.

There is a general dearth of good text editors for Android tablets. I have several that I love on iPad, but none that work well enough on the Xoom for me to want to type regularly on it. This is despite having two great thumb typing options available: SwiftKey Tablet X and Thumb Keyboard. Both are better than the iPad’s tiny excuse for a thumb keyboard. It’s just that the text editors are inferior on Android tablets. JotterPad is a plaintext editor with multiple font and display options.

JotterPad allows for text files typed up in the app to be exported to Dropbox or even as PDF files. There’s an intriguing Time Machine function that allows for multiple revisions of a file to be restored. Most importantly, JotterPad does a good job at just being a competent plaintext editor. Having adjustable text size does help to customize the experience; for those who want them text bigger to make it seem like they are writing more…or smaller fonts for those overachievers who want to be pushed to write more on one page. This is designed for the people for whom maximum word limits are more of a hindrance than minimums.

Unfortunately, it lacks the ability to save or load from Dropbox from within the app; yes, using Android’s own tools to download and upload files works, but I prefer apps with the functionality built right in. A word count display while typing would be extremely handy. Autosaving options would be nice, although this is a minor need and saving works well otherwise.

Will JotterPad compel me to abandon typing articles up on my iPad and start doing them on my Xoom instead? Not really. It’s decent, and likely will be my go to app on the device for when I wish to type on it.

JotterPad HD Review Rundown

User Interface - Decent interface with no issues, and easy to use icons for saving and calling up options.
Usefulness - Plaintext editing, word count, and export options are here; but why no Dropbox support?
Performance - Works the way it should, but could have more features to improve it.
Value - It is very basic, with not much beyond the core features.
Overall - It's a decent choice for a plaintext editor on Android, but I feel like the bar could and should be set much higher.

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