Jump Ball Quest Review

Jump Ball Quest Review

Sep 20, 2017

If there is something we are always on the hunt for, it’s that perfect time filler. As such, we were happy to give Jump Ball Quest a go.

Visually, it isn’t overly aggressive, with a easy motif playful sound; it plays in landscape and uses the sparing animations adequately. The playing area looks much like a dungeon crawling environment, or an easy platformer, packing in dangerous spikes and the like.

The action is straightforward: guide the perpetually bouncing ball from point A to point B, the latter being the exit. Easier said than done, because to start with, the bouncing creates an interesting visual and virtual physics challenge in and of itself.

Guiding said playing piece boils down to mastering the controls; tapping on either side of the screen makes the ball bounce in that direction. By trial and error, it’s easy to find out that long-pressing (instead of just tapping) makes the ball jump a hair further and higher. The controls are fairly efficient for this type of game.


A very simple twist is clear early on… can you pick up three stars by contact, even while getting to the exit? That makes it a bit more difficult. Risk reward, but then the levels get harder and harder. As you play on, you you have to somewhat creative. Thankfully, there are exhaustible boosts and helpers, such as one touch bridges that can be used to cross a chasm or get to a higher platform. As the caverns become more intricate, so does the challenge of finishing levels. Avoid the spikes, obviously, but don’t fret too much, as the run ends, but you can go again.

It’s simple, and for this one, that descriptor is far from a negative. It’s a game you can pick up and get into at a moment’s notice, while at doctor’s office waiting room, or while the oil is getting changed and the like. In that, it works very, very well as time waster, but somehow feels like it can be even more.

Jump Ball Quest Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Easy on the eyes and ears, and effective.
Controls - Easy to wield, and responsive.
Gameplay - Platform game with arcade elements.
Replay Value - Tough to put away.
Overall - Simple. Great.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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