The Jump: Escape The City Review

The Jump: Escape The City Review

Mar 26, 2013

We all love our distance running and driving games; they tend to be interesting, easy to understand and allow for mindless, quick fun. The Jump: Escape The City ties in this genre to the social upheaval that will clearly occur in about 500 years.

Set in a futuristic dystopian-looking society known as Monopolis, I had to escape the ominously-named World Corp goons who were after me, and I got to try to escape by jazzy vehicle.

The gameplay was fast and furious. The play area was a three-way highway, and in true distance running/driving style, it wasn’t as simple as just any other regular road; there were several obstacles and powerups. In addition, there was an ever-present, grim-looking helicopter just over my shoulder, waiting on me to crash or simply drive slow enough to catch me.

Using thumbs (preferably), I had to tap left or right to pick up objects or avoid the obstacles. I also could swipe up to jump, and swipe down to invoke specialized powers like temporary invincibility. The obstacles were interesting… collapsed roadways, random, bulky debris, abandoned vehicles and the like. The power cells I had to collect were green orbs. Before every run, I had the opportunity to select three power-ups for the chase.Some could be invoked manually, while some started up automatically.

As an added challenge, there were “speed-up” spots on the roadway, as well as opposing slow down areas. These were useful, but also had associated drawbacks. For instance, hitting too many of the former afforded me less control due to high speed. Going too slow made dodging easier but eventually allowed the helicopter catch up with me and end my run. The scoring system gave me points, and the in-game purchasing was in place to support that if it was too slow for me.

I liked the smoky, dusky look of the game. There was something about it that made me think of Mad Max… and the dark theme of the game reflected the despair. Bright color was used when needed. The 3D graphics were nicely rendered, and the animated sequences were pretty cool. I loved the achievements; they were varied and creative. I also liked the social sharing and the optional leaderboards. I do wish the game had landscape mode, though I somewhat understand the design perspective with regards to perspective.

The game did well to keep my attention, and has plenty of upside.

The Jump: Escape The City Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nice imagery and banging soundtrack.
Controls - Easy to understand and utilize.
Gameplay - Fun endless driving game.
Replay Value - Quite Addictive.
Overall - Nice game that is filled with fun and action.

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