Jumping Heroes Review

Jumping Heroes Review

Apr 29, 2014

Jumping Heroes is a match-three game. If you don’t know how a match-three game works, welcome to the wonderful world of the future, filled with joy and micro-transactions. There’s a field, full of colored blocks that need to be switched, in order to create lines or rows of three or more blocks together that immediately disappear, making place for more colored blocks. Gameplay-wise, this particular game is more complex than other match-three arcades in exactly zero places. In fact, it’s even simpler than others – and frankly, I can’t say it’s a problem.

There is no description of the connection between player’s block-breaking business and the hero’s flying capabilities, but the relation is obvious. It doesn’t matter whether the blocks are destroyed in large quantities or not: the only thing that matters is that the player makes at least one connection every couple of seconds, until the bar above the game field completely goes away and the hero plummets to the ground. To be fair, there’s no indication that the so-called “heroes” have any heroic qualities. For all we know, they’re Jumping Heroes 3just jackasses in capes and a jetpack in their back. Anyway, the farther the player launches their jackass, the better score he gets.

Jumping Heroes has three difficulty levels: low, with just your basic match-three gameplay, medium, which I think is actually the hardest of the three and in which there are four square-wide glass frames on the field that won’t let the player swap the blocks inside with any surrounding blocks, and hard, in which one or two different rows get randomly hidden and locked down every half a minute. To compensate, the heroes have a special regenerating power that destroys three rows when activated.

Although Jumping Heroes lacks any depth or unlockable content, it also lacks any FTP mumbo-jumbo, just quietly playing ads in the bottom, without any interruptions to the game process. It’s a small, comfy arcade. It’s great to try and reach for the global high score with Google’s high score system, and is great to pass a couple of minutes. Underachieving is achieving, too.

Jumping Heroes Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Very simple pixel art.
Controls - Tapping and swapping.
Gameplay - Repetitive and simple, but without problems.
Replay Value - It's a match-three arcade, after all.
Overall - Very simple, but rather enjoyable.

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