June’s Journey Review

June’s Journey Review

Nov 29, 2017

Need a break? How about a full-fledged experience? You might wanna give Wooga’s latest, June’s Journey – Hidden Object a try.

Your sister Clare and her husband Harry have just been murdered, and you are headed to the Big Apple to retrieve your orphaned niece.

And to see if you can find out what really happened, of course; thus unfolds the surrounding story.

At its very core, it’s a hidden mystery adventure, and as such, is especially dependent on the visual content. June’s Journey does a great job of looking good, with plenty of handcrafted art, smooth transitions and eye-catching effects, providing backgrounds that do a great job of underscoring the gameplay.

The main gameplay isn’t too complex. You get presented with frames, and there is a selection of objects cleverly hidden in therein. Now, the interesting aspect is how well these things are hidden. The use of color is well-done, as it allows things to be concealed in plain sight.

The game developer does a good job of being creative, too. Looking for a lion? Well, being less literal might help.


As you find objects, the list gets refreshed, till you have found all the hidden objects for that level. There are bonuses for finding the objects quickly, and if you get stuck, there is a hint button.

There is an energy requirement, and doing well yields coins and clues. There are other aspects incorporated too, like home improvements to open up new scenes.

One of the coolest trends we are seeing in games nowadays is story-driven game… even the “simplest” of games, with a bigger saga connected. In June’s Journey, it is as such: the big picture is the murder mystery, but you navigate this by finding said hidden objects in each frame. Finding the objects solves the bigger puzzle that envelopes the hidden object experience.

It’s biggest attribute is the way it avoids being one-dimensional. Definitely worth a shot.

June’s Journey Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Great looking game featuring intricate art.
Controls - Simple touch controls that are very intuitive.
Gameplay - Core hidden object elements with extras.
Replay Value - Easy to get lost in.
Overall - A great extent in a safe genre.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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