Justice League Action Run Review

Justice League Action Run Review

Apr 24, 2017

As DC looks to close the mindshare gap between it and the other guys, consumers have been blessed with all sorts of content, especially movies. With those movies (and the burgeoning DC/Justice League Universe), ge get the almost ubiquitous movie tie-in mobile games.

Like Justice League Action Run, based off of the team and Cartoon Network show Justice League Action.

No mystery here… it’s a three-laned runner, yes, but looks to step beyond that simple descriptor with a bunch of enjoyable gimmicks.jlar3

At the beginning, the game leads you on a learning journey. Pick your noble champions from a stable that includes the Man of Steel, the Dark Knight, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Firestorm. But wait… you get to pick three stars for each run? Interesting. Yes, each hero has cool abilities, and it’s possible to “switch” during a run.

The runs themselves are fun to get into, and the missions help spice up the familiar fare. One mission might be to collect items with a time trial, another to “follow” a baddie fir a set distance without getting tripped up. As hinted at, there are special powers that can be triggered, and there are several times it pays to be aware of a changing perspective.

Sometimes, the hunter becomes the hunted…

New characters can be unlocked, there are boosts, leveling and challenges. The game even tosses in boss fights for good measure.

Visually, the game does a good job of bringing Metropolis, Gotham City and Darkseid’s fiery Apokolips to life, with the characterizations being

Now, the game mostly manages to avoid the trap that most three-laned runners seem to fall in: swiping around, over and beneath obstacles has been done so frequently and so well that it’s stuff to set a game apart from the crowd. The elements in Justice League Action Run aren’t necessarily genre-defining, or unique, but they are placed well together, and feel almost natural in the DC Universe that the game is immersed in.

Justice League Action Run Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Invokes the source material very well.
Controls - Intuitively set.
Gameplay - Easy and enjoyable; a cut above your "basic" runner.
Replay Value - Fairly addictive.
Overall - Better than basic, but still amiably familiar.

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