Go Kane! Review

Go Kane! Review

May 16, 2014

Go Kane! is a game about love, drugs and a fight against the clock. Will Kane get enough money to save one of his girlfriends? That’s up to the player.


In Go Kane! players take control over ladies’ man Kane. Kane got himself in a nasty situation: his girlfriend – or at least, one of his girlfriends – is held hostage somewhere and Kane needs to get a certain amount of money to set her free once again. But how will he get more than a hundred thousand dollars? Well, by selling drugs, of course. Everything in this game should be taken with a grain of salt, because instead of drugs, Kane could be selling anything to get the money. But this game isn’t meant to be serious and has a lot of humor, so yeah. Why not drugs.

The gameplay mechanic is obviously selling drugs. But underneath that, there is a negotiation mini game where players must decide what the best price is for selling his drugs. Kane can accept an offer at anytime, but also decline it if the player thinks he could get a higher price. But there is a risk at declining offers: on the bottom of the screen there is a meter that, when it is full, will alarm the police of a drugs dealer nearby. Accept an offer wil deplete again, so players must make wise decisions when to accept or decline an offer.

At some point, how simple the negotiation mechanic is, this gets very intense. Kane must deliver the money within a time frame to the kidnappers, otherwise his girlfriend – or again, one of his girlfriends – will meet a fate worse than death. There is also always a moment that Kane is all out of his drugs and needs to buy more: than, the accept and decline mechanic reverses, as Kane must buy it from another dealer. This guy will always try to get the most money out of him, so players must be really careful when it comes to buying the dope.

Go Kane! is a really fun game that puts players in the position of a drug dealer by faith, negotiating prices for the drugs – as a seller and as a buyer. It’s intense, because players must be on the top of their negotiation game to finish it. And that won’t be an easy task.

Go Kane! Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The developer could have gone with any style. This is a good one.
Controls - Players either decline or accept an offer - these are the only two buttons to deal with.
Gameplay - Selling drugs in this game is like selling drugs in real life: always a gamble.
Replay Value - It's fast and it's fun.
Overall - They could have gone for anything else but drugs, but it's a choice to be taken with a grain of salt. Very nice core gameplay.

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