Kids Alphabet Review

Kids Alphabet Review

Nov 9, 2010

Let’s face it, a lot of us in the Android community are also parents of young children. Sometimes our phones become their little play toys or sometimes a much needed pacifier in times of desperation. It’s amazing to see how quickly young children adapt to technology and their interactions with it can also be rewarding. Developers ElegantBits Team have created a fun and educational game called “Kids Alphabet” which helps to teach young children the English language. I myself am the proud parent of a 4 and 2 year old, who were more than happy to give this game a review.

“Kids Alphabet” comes in both a “Paid” and “Lite” version. They are both the same in terms of features but the “Lite” version can only be used for 10 minutes a day. I would say the target child age for this game would be between 2 and 5 years.

The game design resembles a child’s notebook with various fairytale artistry and just overall kid friendly pictures. Colors are very soft and cute. The background music however sound like a skipping CD and quickly becomes irritating (to the parent). Luckily you can shut the music off and to be honest, it really isn’t needed and just clashes with the gameplay. All other game sounds are very soothing and fun. There are 4 game types to choose from and give your child a progressive way of learning the basics of language. Start by choosing letters and watch your child discover the alphabet. Each letter page uses both sight and sound to help your child associate the different ways letters are used. The page is fully interactive allowing your child to click on letters and pictures for fun sound effects.

After your child has the basics down they can move on to the other 3 games: “Find letter,” “Find word,” “Write word”; all of which are a little more challenging. Controls are all touch screen and the UI is clean and focused making it very easy for your children to interact. All 4 games use the same letter design and associated pictures making it easy for children to retain and remember the words and sounds associated with each letter throughout the game.

“Kids Alphabet” is a really cute and fun interactive game that can be played at home or on the go. Take it with you on supermarket trips and incorporate the concepts over to your current environment. After your child has viewed the letter “C” on the game continue the learning process by showing them items in the store that start with the letter “C”. Who says you can’t make errands with the young ones fun (or at least tantrum free for a while). If you have young children who like to play with mommy or daddy’s phone then download “Kids Alphabet” and feel a little safer knowing they’re learning their A, B, C’s instead of deleting all your contacts.

Kids Alphabet Review Rundown

Graphics / Sound - Graphics are cute and toddler friendly. Music bleh, in-game sounds are soft and cute..
Controls - Very kid friendly and simple.
Educational Grade - A good progressive learning experience with the multiple games. Could use additional pronunciations with letters that have multiple sounds.
Smile Value - Keeps kids happy while educating them. That and its reasonable price keep mommy and daddy happy.
Overall - Cute kid friendly game with an educational model. Only important thing missing is button lock to prevent kids from always finding their way back to your home screen.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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