Kilka Card Gods Review

Kilka Card Gods Review

Oct 21, 2013

Kilka Card Gods is a puzzle game with cards, and is quite different from the others like it. Usually, the words “puzzle game with cards” mean something very unoriginal and filled with in-app transactions, but not this time. Although it’s not quite perfect, Kilka Card Gods has a very interesting concept, and a fair, if ad-riddled, gameplay. It’s free-to-play status is mostly sustained by the ads that pop up here and there, and although they are quite annoying, the levels required some skills, and not a bank account to complete.

The story in Kilka Card Gods is somewhat bizarre. The hero is Yupanki, a world champion in Kilka. To spare some confusion, Kilka is actually the name of the card puzzle that the game is about. So, as a world champion, instead of getting dough and swag all around, Yupanki has to guard some stupid stone structure that grants its user awesome card-related superpowers. But the first day on the job goes sour, as the slabs that make up the doodad get stolen by none others than card gods themselves. The question of whether or not the doodad should actually belong to them in the first place, is left unanswered. In any case, it’s his, and our, job now to retrieve them by defeating the gods in the game of Kilka.

Kilka Card Gods 3In Kilka, there’s a tiled play field with card suits drawn on them, a number of different card values for every column and row on the field, and a number of cards on the right. The player needs to fill the field with given cards, placing cards with correct suit and value on the positions. A time limit signifies how many stars the player gets for completing the level, with right answers and combos adding bonus time, and wrong placements subtracting from it. Certain card gods also have special powers that influence the playfield, while the player can activate hints and various powers to help himself. As difficult as Kilka Card Gods can become, with more and more fields and cards required to complete, I managed to solve every puzzle for at least two stars, so I think it’s possible to complete it all by yourself. It doesn’t mean that there are no issues, as every level has only one solution, for example, and you can still get penalized if the placed card seems to match all requirements.

To wrap up, I found Kilka Card Gods pretty interesting. It’s a fresh concept, and there are no visible problems to spoil it. It’s a fine puzzle, for the people who like Sudoku and half-naked Mayan gods.

Kilka Card Gods Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nicely done, without particular issues.
Controls - Fine, I didn't have any problems.
Gameplay - Original, but not very deep.
Replay Value - Very engaging to try reaching the three stars.
Overall - A nice card puzzle. It lacks a certain depth, but it's fairly interesting.

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