Kill Shot Virus Review

Kill Shot Virus Review

May 31, 2017

If you liked Kill Shot Bravo — and we certainly did — you’ll probably like Hothead’s latest, Kill Shot Virus. It’s similarly borne, uses a lot of familiar style, but now, players have to contend with dastardly, swarming, hungry zombies.

The basic storyline will be equally familiar to anyone remotely acquainted with the genre, and subsequently needs little introduction; there are a lot — a whole, whole lot — of zombies, and the core idea is to take out the zombies, complete missions and stay alive.

The action is perceived in first person, such that the entire device screen becomes the field of vision. One can intuitively swipe across the screen to pan around, and there is a shooting button that works in conjunction with the sighting mechanism and allows the player to take out the undead.

Altogether, the game presents an interesting visual framing for the game, with interesting colors and physics-based animations. It is bloody, but somehow not disgustingly gory, and the way the developer uses perspective to narrow down the playing area is well done. The game also adds in a slow-motion sequence which is quite engaging.


As far as the the gameplay goes, the action is mission-based, and as shown by the intro/tutorial, there isn’t a lot of time to be had before the game just goes and gets into it: the zombies are coming, and we have to shoot our way out. Hey, there might be a friend or two lost in hat initial firefight, but at least we learn how to use the aforementioned system to destroy the enemy. As one goes on, the enemies get more challenging and more varied. Exploding zombies? Eew.

Getting through levels earns more missions and game currency. The game currency is crucial with regards to performing necessary upgrades, because at some point, the initial weaponry just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Simple concept, with a zombie backstory. Brilliant.

Kill Shot Virus Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Visuals complement the gameplay very effectively.
Controls - Intuitively set.
Gameplay - Shooting FPS caper with zombie fare.
Replay Value - Relatively addicting.
Overall - An engaging romp, with plenty og gruesome shooting to be had.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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