Knightmare Tower Review

Knightmare Tower Review

Dec 23, 2013

Knightmare Tower takes the endless runner genre and tips it on its head, literally. Good idea?

Knightmare Tower has the barest vestiges of story. One day a knight hears about a famous tower full of monsters. Imagining the fame that could be heaped upon him, the intrepid knight sets off with his wooden sword and cheap armor to fight a horde of monsters. This story is told though a charming introductory cutscene.

Screenshot_2013-12-13-21-59-31Rather than running away from something like most runners, Knightmare is more about destroying enemies while staying alive. The game begins with the heroic knight launching himself up the tower. Right away he is beset by all matter of flying and bouncing monster. Luckily a quick tap slices most of them in twain. As the game wears on, tougher foes appear. Some require a few slices and can fire at the player and others require a well time slash to avoid injury if he attacks at the wrong time. Bonus health and cash float up the tower in bubbles as well, daring the player to ignore the monsters and grab them.

Meanwhile a sea of lava is inexorably filling up the tower below. If the knight misses an attack and goes hurtling off the screen he’s boosted back up, but going too slowly and missing too many attacks in a short time ends the game as the lava catches up with the player.

Knightmare Tower is very skill based. You need to tap directly on fast moving; constantly attacking monsters to stay alive and any screw up can end the game fast. Its fast paced and addictive fun, although it is quite hard.

Screenshot_2013-12-13-22-01-33After the game, coins can be spent on a number of abilities and upgrades. There are most of the expected ones, such as a stronger sword and better armour and so on. A nice touch is that the knight’s sprite changes as his equipment is upgraded. This adds a nice sense of progression. The game’s money system is very fair and you’re never pressured to purchase anything. The game has no ads in it either, which is a nice change.

Graphically, Knightmare Tower looks very nice. The graphics have a nice cartoony vibe, there are plenty of different kinds of enemies and little touches like the way monster’s expressions change after you’ve chopped them really add to the visual flair. Menus are attractive and intuitive as well.

The sound is equally impressive. The music is typically heroic, knightly fare and the sound effects feature plenty of chopping and all the sounds you’d expect. Knightmare tower has some excellent presentation.

Knightmare Tower is a solid game with great presentation and no nasty freemium features. It’s certainly worth a buy for anyone who admires great gameplay or simply wants to try something a little different.

Knightmare Tower Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Wonderful detailed graphics and solid sound.
Controls - Responsive and work well.
Gameplay - Fun to play and lots to unlock.
Replay Value` - Lots to unlock and addictive gameplay.
Overall - Knightmare tower is a well presented new take on the endless runner and should be a nice change for fans of the genre.

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