Can Knockdown 3 Review

Can Knockdown 3 Review

Aug 12, 2013

One of the man’s natural desires is to throw stuff. That’s how we invented spears, football, and stoning. This is why many casual mobile games offer a chance to throw stuff at some other stuff, until the player runs out of stuff to throw. Can Knockdown 3 doesn’t walk around the idea, and simply gives the player what he wants. No story, no other unnecessary parts – just a number of balls, and cans that need to be hit with these balls. Somewhat surprisingly, it’s actually quite a lot more challenging than it seems.

Can Knockdown 3 1In this best ever virtual representation of a popular redneck pastime, player has to knock some cans off the pedestal, using a limited number of baseball balls, the less of them is used – the better for the score. The balls are launched by touching one of them in the bottom of the screen, and flicking it with the finger, releasing just at the right moment. This is a lot trickier than it seems, as the power of the shot depends on how fast the finger moves across the screen, before release, while aiming isn’t that easy to do at the fast speeds. Although I’ve played Can Knockdown 3 for a long time, I still can’t aim the ball properly, and have to replay each level several times, in order to get the best score. Although the controls are difficult to grasp, Can Knockdown doesn’t seem unfair, since it’s where most of its difficulty comes from.

There are plenty of levels, and variety, as the game gets more and more difficult. There are, for example, several different kinds of cans. There are cans that explode on contact, cans that give an additional ball, and cans that shouldn’t be touched altogether. The levels themselves aren’t simply cans, standing in different poses. There are different mechanisms, layouts and obstacles that need to be passed, before knocking the gosh-darn nasties off. All in all, Can Knockdown 3 offers a seemingly primitive concept, spicing it up with very challenging levels and controls, great graphics and variety, making it a great time-killer. Although I’ve never played the previous Can Knockdown games, I was really surprised by how much I was engaged in the game process, so I recommend it as a great example of a simple idea, turned into a great experience.

Can Knockdown 3 Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Very great, both of them. Pretty surprising, but it's one of the most realistic games on the platform.
Controls - The controls are pretty challenging, but it's where the actual challenge comes from.
Gameplay - Quite difficult and varied
Replay Value - I'm definitely returning to it again.
Overall - A very high standard of gameplay for a free-to-play title.

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