Kroms: Kolor Monsters Invasion Review

Kroms: Kolor Monsters Invasion Review

Jan 24, 2014

Kroms: Kolor Monsters Invasion is an arcade game about a builder with anger control issues, who needs to complete a building construction, in spite of some strange colorful creatures that invade the build site. It’s a take on a very old, yet still exciting concept, where the player needs to fill empty space with matter, trapping the various creepers inside. The player controls Tony, the aforementioned angry builder, who walks along the borders of the level. He can be turned in other direction by swiping towards it. When the player swipes towards the center of the field, Tony starts moving there and leaves a trail behind him. While moving, his direction can be changed by swiping wherever, but he cannot cross his own trail, or the level will be lost. He also cannot move through Kroms, and cannot let them cross his trail. When he returns back to any border, the lesser part of the level that his trail forms with the borders, is filled with matter, and any critters that got caught inside of it, disappear. So, the game consists of choosing the correct time and direction of crossing, and evading the various crawlers.

The goal in each level is not to fill the entire level, but to destroy all of the Kroms. Player can get up to three stars,Kroms 3 if he destroys the nasties in as few moves as possible. Strangely, the move limit only applies to the moves that kill any of the Kroms. This means that the player can fill most of the level, and move however often he wants, and still get three stars, if in the end, he destroys all of the monsters in one turn. The player also gets five coins per filled space, regardless of the amount of this space. Basically, you can fill inches of space and get lots of money for that. But if you die on that level, they all will be lost, so you better be careful so as not to waste time to fail in the end.

Kroms: Kolor Monsters Invasion has several power-ups that freeze monsters in place, or allow the player to run them over on a tractor. Each power-up costs money to activate, but as I said, grinding for money isn’t very difficult. Overall, I like Kroms: Kolor Monsters Invasion. It’s simple and challenging, and is easy to pick up, and is free. Most of the levels only require patience and a bit of luck to complete them, and even if you fail, there’s no limit on the number of tries. There is also a color mechanic I don’t yet completely understand, but it does add some interesting depth to an old concept. So, if you like some simple arcade that still requires you to use your head, this is a fine deal.

Kroms: Kolor Monsters Invasion Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - It's fine. Tony's fits upon failing the level are quite entertaining.
Controls - Some alternative controls could help, but it's still fine.
Gameplay - An old concept with a couple of small improvements.
Replay Value - Quite interesting to replay the levels.
Overall - A fine arcade puzzle game.

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