Kung Fury: Street Rage Review

Kung Fury: Street Rage Review

Jul 30, 2015

In case anyone haven’t yet seen Kung Fury, and likes all things badass, I urge you to watch it immediately. It’s on Youtube, and it’s 20 minutes of equal parts hilarious and awesome. A story about a kung fu cop who goes back in time to fight Hitler? I’m no movie critic, but I’m pretty sure it’s better than Citizen Kane. But Kung Fury: Street Rage, a tie-in videogame is not nearly as good.

My expectations for Kung Fury: Street Rage went in a completely opposite direction from the short movie itself. I started watching the movie, being completely certain that it’s going to be a cliched circle-jerk mess. Instead, I got an amazing over-the-top parody of all sings 80-s. So, I got very hyped when I got a chance to review a videogame tie-in, fully expecting it to be a great old-school brawl. Instead, I got a game that has less content than Google Play Install Permissions mini-game. It’s so short that you could fit it in its entirety in a video ad. Kind of like one of those ads that pop-up every other time you lose in Kung Fury: Street Rage.

It wouldn’t matter if the game was lacking content if the actual game was great, but I can’t even say that much. The core gameplay is a very simple brawler, with only two buttons for controls: one makes the player character hit left, and another – right. The game is just an endless amount of enemies running towards the player that need to taste Kung Fury Street Rage 4the knuckle justice. The player needs to kill as many baddies as possible, until they hit him three times. That’s basically it. There are several kinds of enemies, but that’s the whole variety the game has to offer. No combos, weapons, power-ups, levels or skins – nothing. Compared to the amount of content stuffed into the movie, it’s downright insulting. Also, it manages to screw up the only mechanic it has by introducing an irritating delay between pressing a button and the character hitting stuff, making it about as intuitive as playing it with your toes. Sure, the game is free, but those annoying un-skippable ads that show up when you lose a game, make its price a little bit of your humanity.

Overall, Kung Fury: Street Rage is a great disappointment. I honestly wouldn’t mind if it was just some indie project, but getting this after the grandeur that is Kung Fury, makes me sad. If you want to extend your Kung Fury experience, they should rewatch the short movie instead, and don’t bother with this little mess.

Kung Fury: Street Rage Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - A parody of the old 8-bit games.
Controls - Two buttons - pretty simple.
Gameplay - There's barely any.
Replay Value - Why would you want to replay it more than once?
Overall - It's not really a game. More like a placeholder.

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  • Steven DiStefano

    You clearly were born in the late ’90’s or early 2000’s. This game is an incredible take on all fighting games from the 80’s and 90’s. Just like the movie, it is both a parody and an homage to every game made in that era. It is nothing short of sweet, simple fun. It is a throwback to the era of the “high score”. You didn’t play games to ” beat ” them, you played to get to billing on the high score list.

    I love the movie and I love the game.