Kunundrum Review

Kunundrum Review

Aug 19, 2013

Ah, Sokoban. So many bright memories of exciting times we had, moving crates around and arranging them in some mysterious feng-shui ways, to master the fleeting zen of warehousing. Most of those memories were wiped out in me, due to uncontrollable bursts of hatred and rage-induced seizures. Still, it was a fine game. And Kunundrum is attempting to make it even more challenging and exciting to play, by introducing the various new mechanics and hundreds of levels, so the lost art of warehousing would shine again in the broken screens of mobile devices, reflected in its users’ twisted, bloodshot eyes.

Kunundrum 2Kunundrum is a simple sequence of the more and more challenging levels, which can be solved and restarted for as long as possible, but require using a minimum number of moves for a solution, to grant three stars. The point is always to bring a number of glowy spheres to their color-coded locations. Of course, the spheres only stop when they hit a wall, so the whole game is a quest to seek an optimal path for each of them, considering many different factors.

There are several mechanics that serve to further complicate the game process, like teleports, blocks that can be deactivated, and others. They are all fairly simple to understand, and when they are first introduced, it’s easy to think that the game is going to be a piece of cake. However, the difficulty gets ramped up pretty fast, and suddenly, I find myself sitting for ten minutes, thinking over a level that could be completed in about ten moves. It’s just that all of those moves have to be the right ones.

Kunundrum doesn’t have much to offer, aside from its difficulty, and it doesn’t try to. The graphics are quite nice, simplistic neon-looking flashies, and the soundtrack is – well, I turned it off after about five minutes. But, there are many challenges, and intricate levels to make up for it. It’s a classic puzzle game, and it’s definitely going to provide lots of entertainment for people, who like solving seemingly unsolvable problems. I warn, however, that patience is as much a requirement in Kunundrum, as having functional brain matter. Alternatively, you can always watch walkthroughs on Youtube, which are actually provided by the game, if you’re a pansy like me.

Kunundrum Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Not flashy, or hi-def, but they do the job. Music starts grinding the ears too soon, though.
Controls - Simple swiping all the way through.
Gameplay - Classic Sokoban, reinforced by new mechanics. Heaven or hell, depending on the player's determination.
Replay Value - Сhallenge births fervor like nothing else.
Overall - Just a little cheaply-looking, but very interesting and difficult game.

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