LandGrabbers Review

LandGrabbers Review

Jul 5, 2013

Nevosoft’s LandGrabbers is a fun hybrid game that is surprisingly dependent on strategy and quick thinking.

The land that makes up this game is ably represented by effective graphics the encompass several mythical environments. In the first stage, the 3D graphics do a good job of giving life to the structures, and further down the line, the scenery becomes even more intricate; rolling hills, stone bridges and shrubbery all add up to cushion the action in a reasonable looking shell.

As for the action, this game gets right into it. After selecting the sundries, the gameplay gets underway with some incorporated graphical tutorials. The basic premise is to guide my soldiers to annex all enemy lands by sheer force. The home team was red by default, and on the initial board, I went against a blue team. Each team had color-coded property. Additionally, there are neutral, gray units as well. These great units are not aggressive in that they don’tland1 attack the other colors, but they usually occupy strategic spots, and they defend their territories with vigor.

Survival means to go out on the attack. Using taps and drags, it is possible to lead a set of attackers from one’s home turf to an area controlled by an opposing color, and then, it is basically a war of attrition, with numbers denoting how the mini-battles are going. To overrun an encampment, their defensive numbers had to be beaten down to zero. The kicker is that no one has an unlimited supply of infantry; regeneration time is a factor to consider. Team homes can be upgraded to house more units, but upgrades can only occur when a structure is half full of its capacity of soldiers, and then it is reduced to zero.

Down the line, multiple colored foes appear. For example, at one point, I (red) was taking on green and blue teams on two different fronts in a glorious free-for-all. The gameplay keeps players on their toes, and is leveled, which each level having ranks to work towards. Higher ranks have faster time requirements to attain the rank and win the gold payout; gold is required to open up more levels and to upgrade attributes. In-app purchasing can be used to expedite the acquisition of gold.

It’s a surprisingly challenging game that I enjoyed immensely. The balance of continual attack and defense while working against a clock is exhilarating, and it is easy to understand and get into.

LandGrabbers Review Rundown

Graphics/sound - Good graphics, nice coloration and non-smarmy animations.
Controls - Tap/drag.
Gameplay - Fun domination/conquer gameplay
Replay Value - Quite addictive
Overall - Fun game that is more challenging than may be initially surmised.

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