League of Mermaids Review

League of Mermaids Review

Aug 15, 2013

League Of Mermaids is a spiritual sequel to Tales of The Deep, from the same developer, a game that attempted to change a match-three genre, by introducing it to the laws of physics. Quite controversially, I think, as the gameplay wasn’t all that exciting. Although League Of Mermaids is better in some respect, its central idea is still not quite right.

Gameplay of League Of Mermaids is simple: there are a bunch of balls, lying in heaps in different levels. There’s also a mechanism at the top that drops the balls from whatever point is required. When three or more balls of the same color touch each other for a bit longer than a split second, they get annihilated. The main feature – and the main problem for me – is that all of the balls are behaving like actual balls in 2D plane. E.g, they roll around when bumped, and they fall down the curves to the bottom. Although it’s very refreshing, and creates a somewhat unique gameplay, it also creates a great element of chaos to the game. The balls can suddenly bounce to the unpredicted place, or conversely, sudden, unpredicted chain reactions can clear half the board, without any knowing. Of course, one could argue that match-three games aren’t exactly chess, and are greatly dependent on luck, this chaotic rolling around means that even the most simple strategies can trigger totally unexpected events.

League of Mermaids 5As for the other mechanics of League Of Mermaids – they’re fine enough. The story is cliched, but it’s there. The graphics are simple, but not too primitive. There are several power-ups that don’t change the game, but give it slight variability. Each level has two additional objectives that can be performed to gain the maximum of three stars, which grant coins that can be spent on power-ups. It’s just another medium-quality match-three title, with all the advantages and disadvantages that can be in these kinds of games.

In the end, League Of Mermaids is a very niche game. I’m sure that some people will like it, and spend hours, eliminating underwater spheres, while others will find it very frustrating and annoying. Judging by the user reviews, some other people will also find it randomly crashing, although I personally didn’t notice any performance issues.

League of Mermaids Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nothing too interesting, although mermaids are a bit creepy.
Controls - Non-controllable behavior of the spheres makes the game quite frustrating.
Gameplay - Interesting idea, but it doesn't work for me.
Replay Value - If you liked the game, there's nothing to stop from returning to it.
Overall - Quite a mediocre game, regardless of whether you like its central idea, or not.

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