The Legend of Block Puzzle Review

The Legend of Block Puzzle Review

Nov 13, 2013

Tangram is one of the oldest puzzles, and is one of the most interesting. It’s a Chinese invention, as well as 85% of everything, and consists of seven different pieces of different shapes that need to be packed together into a certain form. It comes in very different shapes and sizes, and the pieces are greatly varied, from the simple squares and triangles, to unintelligible heaps of shapes that seem to contain more sides than an Internet debate. I’m actually quite surprised that I’ve only found a game, based off Tangram, just now, and it goes by the ridiculously generic name: “The Legend of Block Puzzle”.

The Legend of Block Puzzle 1The Legend of Block Puzzle is a Tangram-like puzzle. That’s pretty much, it. There’s a field with a shaded shape in the middle, and a certain number of Tetris-like, but a lot more complex pieces, each consisting of an arrangement of squares. These pieces can all be fit together to make up the simple shape, and the player’s objective is to arrange them correctly. The pieces can be moved freely across the board, but can’t be rotated, making the puzzle somewhat simpler to complete. It still takes a surprising amount of time to put the puzzle together, and with the amount of levels available, there are hours to be lost inside of the game. There are hundreds of levels available for free, and an endless level generator for the hardcore fanatics, so the game definitely doesn’t suffer from shortness of gameplay time.

It does suffer from an overly simple design, however. Besides the tiles themselves, there’s barely anything in the game. Almost no sound, and just a few background textures and that’s it. I don’t know if any additional content would ruin The Legend of Block Puzzle; it is a classic puzzle experience, but it could have had at least something to look at. In any case, it’s a fun iteration of the timeless game, and at a free price, there’s nothing to complain about in it.

Edit: There’s been some changes to the game, after this review was published. Now it has board size and auto start options, as well as more levels, and also ads that can only be turned off with $2.55 out of your virtual pocket.

The Legend of Block Puzzle Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Simple to the point of non-existence.
Controls - Click-and-drag, no issues.
Gameplay - It's a classic puzzle, but without any innovations.
Replay Value - Endless fun.
Overall - It's just as fun as it was for all these centuries.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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