One Line Todo Review

One Line Todo Review

Oct 3, 2011

When it comes to productivity, your Android-powered smartphone should be your best friend, keeping you abreast of important information, appointments, meetings and tasks yet to be completed. However, you don’t want to spend all of your time organizing lists of tasks when the point of having them is to get stuff done. That’s where an app like One Line Todo comes in.

One Line Todo promises to greatly simplify the fine art of creating “to do” lists. As soon as you open the app, there’s a box at the bottom where you can begin entering new tasks. Tags, notes, alarms and other features are included, allowing you get the task entered efficiently, without stumbling around in menus and settings. Setting an alarm is even easier, with a calendar view showing you exactly what day each date falls on as opposed to just blindly entering numbers.

To get a good test run out of One Line Todo, I set up several lists that included “household chores,” “writing assignments” and even a list titled, “Take A Break,” reminding me to exercise my legs at regular intervals. Right on schedule, each item sounded an alarm and popped into my notification bar (with the curious notice of “Todo is coming!” above the task’s name). However, there is a serious problem here. I like to keep my phone silent, setting it to “vibrate” for any notifications that come in. Unfortunately, One Line Todo never vibrated my phone, nor did it flash the notification light. I double-checked the settings only to find that there is no setting for either of these functions; they just aren’t included. This is a huge oversight for an app like this.

Another issue is the poor grammar throughout the app. The description text, menu items and settings are difficult to interpret, even verging on the completely nonsensical. You can usually guess what the description is trying to tell you, but there are a few that, honestly, I have no idea what they’re supposed to do. Do I leave a particular setting on or off? How can I know if I can’t understand what its function is?

One Line Todo features some great widgets that display your tasks, times, whether there are notes attached and the status of each task with color coding. In the free version, you only get one, large widget. Upgrading to the Pro version by purchasing the unlock key for US$1.96 gives you smaller widgets that don’t take up as much space. If space on your home screen is important to you, this might be something you want. Otherwise, the app will nag you, constantly, about purchasing the upgrade whether you want it or not.

One Line Todo is more of a good start than a finished product. The user interface can use improvement, as can the menus and settings system. The notifications should definitely be looked at, adding in vibrate and notification light functionality. And while the task entry process is simple enough and the widgets are great to look at, the app itself is a confusing mess. Overall, it just needs more work.

One Line Todo Review Rundown

User Interface - Aside from entering a task, which is quick and easy to do, the main dashboard is clunky and can be confusing and difficult to navigate. The interface leaves you guessing at how to do things as you stumble through the app, figuring it all out.
Functionality - Covers most of the bases, allowing you to quickly enter tasks and organize them with tags. Integration with Google Tasks is great. The widget (or widgets if you purchase the unlock key) are also nice. The lack of vibrate and light notifications, however, can't be overlooked. Those are two functions an app like this absolutely needs.
Performance - The app performs well, keeping notes organized and loading very quickly. Notifications sound right on time (with the noted exception of a vibrate function) letting you know what tasks need to be completed and when.
Usefulness - How useful is an app that lacks important features and has a clunky, confusing interface? Not very. This app comes up short in several ways that have me looking to other solutions. It does work, and if you leave your ringer on, it will alert you. However, that's not enough, for me. Vibrate and notification lights would make this much more useful. An interface redesign couldn't hurt, either.
Overall - One Line Todo suffers from a number of problems I've listed that keep it from achieving a high score. There are better apps that offer equal functionality at the same price. As is, this app is a good start, but the developer needs to continue, adding improvements and functionality. Do that and I think this app could be a real winner.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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