Lode Runner Classic Review

Lode Runner Classic Review

Jan 18, 2013

2013 is clearly gonna be the year of the retro gamer.

More and more games from earlier eras are making reappearances on handheld devices. Lode Runner Classic is one that evokes thoughts of old wine in new skin.

Lode Runner Classic was beautifully rendered in its original classic 8-bit glory, what with the collection of gold bars being the name of the game. Additionally, I had to avoid enemy guards and use blasters. It came together as a cute puzzler from yester-years as it closely followed the original script.

The color was basic, but in this case, that was fantastic; expect to see the blueish block formations of the original, with irregular caverns and paths intersected by white ladders and suspension cable. My stick figure traveled around, collecting gold, and trying to avoid getting stuck, or falling prey to the guards. To facilitate movement, I could use blasters to bore holes into the ground on either side of me; I could use the holes created to help in my movements, or, as part of advanced strategy, to trap the bad guys. Now, a big part of the game is that not all blue parts can be bored; solid “bedrock” pieces were impermeable to drilling. Also, the rock that could be blasted regenerated, which was lethal to folks (myself or guards) that got caught in a newly created hole or pathway too long. The guards, when not coming after me, actively tried to steal the gold.

The game looked deceptively simple, but invites strategy. Speed, dexterity and problem-solving are all needed to succeed. With some thought, it is possible to create traps to liberate gold that had already been confiscated by guards. I liked the different control options (joystick, touch or accelerometer) and the optional game speeds. There are also social leaderboards and action tutorials.

One element I wished it had was the ability to make your own maze; a community-driven repository of sorts would be exceptionally cool.

Lode Runner Classic boasts 150 different levels, so there is plenty of fun to be had. It is a compelling game that clearly transcends time.

Lode Runner Classic Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - High marks for sharp recreation
Controls - Multiple ways to play
Gameplay - Stays faithful to original.
Replay Value - 150 levels? Check.
Overall - Excellent retread.

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  • on a nexus the controls are pretty bad, the touch just doesn’t work, can’t go up and to the right without getting to a menu screen, i’ll have to see on the nexus 7, zaxxon, while different wasn’t bad though