Ludo Master Review

Ludo Master Review

Dec 9, 2014

Ludo Master is a colourful attempt to rejuvenate the classic board game played by grandmothers everywhere. Is it worth playing?

Screenshot_2014-12-06-22-47-36Ludo Master plays a good game of ludo with a few bells and whistles. A neat dice strength gauge allows for harder of softer dice throws so you can try to “turn” the dice over to get another six just like real life. When a piece lands on an opponent a mini punch up ensures as they are sent back to their base. Multiple boards are available and the game lacks any nasty bugs or other impediments to success.

At the same time though this is Ludo and nothing more. There are no alternate game modes or special rule sets to use. Ludo is such a well-worn game it would be nice to see a few spanners thrown into the works with some oddball game variations, but what’s here is well executed and perfectly playable.

Games can be played against other players or against the AI. The AI is good enough, although it sometimes make questionable tactical choices, like opting not to land on an opponents pieces and moving something else instead.

A baffling omission in Ludo Master is the complete lack of online play, or even Bluetooth multiplayer. This means that players must share the same device to play games against each other, which is unwieldy to say the least. This is a missed opportunity and lessens the game’s replay value by a lot.

Screenshot_2014-12-06-22-31-36It does seem that dice in Ludo Master can act a bit weird. In a game I played the blue player seemed to constantly cheat as he managed to get two sixes one after another three times in 5 turns and mostly threw fives when he wasn’t throwing sixes. Meanwhile it took me 15 throws to throw a single 1 to win a game in which I had previously thrown 5 ones in a row.

Ludo Master features extremely minimal IAP. The game itself is free and one 99 cent charge removes the banner ad that is on screen during games and the delays between menu screens for “loading”. There are no such delays when games are in progress. This is very reasonable.

Ludo Master looks as good as a board game can. The game is bright and colourful and there are multiple board designs and each looks good in its own way. The sound works well too. A peaceful tune accompanies the pleasant gameplay and the odd popping of moving pieces and amusing punching sounds for taking opponent pieces gets the job done.

Ludo Master is a friendly and good looking game of ludo for free and is worth playing, but the questionable dice rolls and lack of online play hampers its long term gameplay value.

Ludo Master Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Bright and colorful with personally and flair. Peaceful music and nice sound. Everything a game of ludo can be.
Controls - A good interface. Nice dice throwing method.
Gameplay - A good game of ludo with multiple boards and mostly good AI opponents. No online play or bluetooth is a serious oversight though.
Replay Value - Lack of online or Bluetooth doesn't help the game;s longevity.
Overall - Ludo Master is a good game of ludo but really needs online play and more features.

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