Lumber Jacked Review

Lumber Jacked Review

Oct 18, 2013

It’s too primitive that lumberjacks are always seen as the most manly of all people. So what if they have muscles of iron, and spend days at a time, uniting with nature and flinging mighty axes all day? Internet critics also have cramped up muscles, unite with nature every five to seven hours, and fling mighty keys up and down. Still, I’m yet to see a single game that gives the credit where it’s due, and features the mighty and the powerful, as the ultimate example of manliness. But, while the ungrateful, primitive culture moves down the familiar road, we get Lumber Jacked, another game, where lumberjack is the mighty hero yet again. It’s not like I remember any other games with lumberjacks, but there have to be lots of them, or this whole paragraph makes no sense.

Lumber Jacked 2Lumber Jacked features Joe, a lumberjack, whose precious wood got taken by the sneaky hairy beavers, and now he needs to return it at all costs. Joe is but a simple lumberjack, so he only knows how to do a double-jump, and a deadly flying punch of bloody murder. The game consists of a number of levels, in which Joe needs to get to the bossy beaver, and smack it as hard as possible. Three stars are awarded, if the player also manages to get a collectible shirt, and reach the end of the level in time. Of course, there are many obstacles on the way, like overly aggressive beavers, fish, and some other indescribable things, as well as lots and lots of spikes. Lumber Jacked is quite challenging, and I had to replay some levels for several times, even without trying to get all the stars. The controls are simple, although they do require some getting used to – especially the wall-jumping.

Although controlling the hero isn’t perfectly simple, and I got stuck in simple obstacles quite often, like a fly before an open window, Lumber Jacked is still interesting to play. It’s also a bit repetitive, but that means that reaching the perfect score requires knowing intricately every mechanic and timing the whole way through the level, instead of relying on gimmicks. All in all, Lumber Jacked is a nice, and somewhat original platformer.

Lumber Jacked Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nice and clean pixel art.
Controls - Some issues are present.
Gameplay - Not very unique, but still interesting.
Replay Value - Reaching a high-score, and completing difficult puzzles is very engaging.
Overall - It's a fine, albeit a bit unoriginal, platformer.

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