Magic Academy Review

Magic Academy Review

May 29, 2012

Magic Academy is a puzzle game that involves multiple kinds of puzzles with a wide variety of levels. Each level starts out with a dialogue in a cut scene fashion. The main character, Irene, is on a quest to find her sister,Annie, who disappeared from the Magic Academy. Irene finds out only a person who knows magic can find her sister, so she is talking to other characters about what challenges are ahead.

The first level asks players to compare 2 pictures and find the differences. Some of the differences are pretty subtle. The levels are timed so there is a sense of urgency, but in the beginning, there is a lot of time given.

As the game progresses, the objects needing to be located are hidden better. The item needed might be a mouse. There will be a mouse toy a living mouse to choose from. When trying to select the object, make sure to tap the right thing. If too many taps are not on the correct object, there is a penalty of 20 seconds.

As each level in Magic Academy is completed achievements are awarded in the form of a trophy. The achievements aren’t much more than the markers along the plot. The trinket awarded is something will lead the character to their missing sister.

While the game is slow moving compared what some people may be used to with other games, the story is good and the game is quite challenging. There are over 20 levels of different puzzles to keep the mind muscles in good shape.

To save from paying for the upgrade after playing a couple of levels, simply sending a tweet or a Facebook update about Magic Academy will unlock more levels to play. Once the first 3 levels are completed, the choice is yours.

Magic Academy Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The graphics are detailed but the music is repetitive.
Controls - Mostly it is tapping on the screen. However, you need to be spot on or it may not hit the item you intend.
Gameplay - As I mentioned, the game is not an action game so it moves slower like any intellectual game. The levels make you think and use your observation skills.
Replay Value - Once you reach the end, the game would be much easier to complete.
Overall - Magic Academy is a fun game for puzzle lovers and people who like "Find the difference" games.

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