MagicMarker Review

MagicMarker Review

Nov 30, 2010

Are you the doodling type? Does your world exist inside a black light vortex with neon colors? Then you may enjoy this next app. MagicMarker by Jaytronix is a touch-paint program that allows users to draw using neon colors against a black background or an existing photo. MagicMarker is an instant hit with young children who love to draw (just ask my kids) and adults who won’t admit it.

MagicMarker is a very simple and to the point kind of app that you can pick up and play with right away. Open up the app and you have your black canvas ready for a rainbow of atomic number 10. You have 6 menu items displayed at the bottom of the screen which can be hidden by pressing your device’s menu key. I will give you a quick overview of these options since the developer has carelessly omitted any form of instructions from his app (shame on you Mr. developer).

  • Color Wheel – Press here to pull up 7 basic colors, a black eraser and a circle gradient. Here is where you will choose the color to draw in.
  • Brush Size – Press the glowing neon circle to choose on of the 5 available brush sizes.
  • Redo Button (Pink Curved Arrow) – Press here when you wish to redo anything you have previously undone.
  • Undo Button (Blue Curved Arrow) – Press here to undo any previous actions.
  • New Page – Press to start with a fresh new blank black canvas.
  • Project Button – Press here to bring up a list of 5 sub options which include saving a project as wallpaper, info on more apps by the developer, share project, save project and open an existing photo or project.

Now all you have to do is start drawing. Using your finger as a virtual magic marker you simply begin drawing on your device’s screen and watch in amazement as your strokes turn into neon magic. If you feel like adding some neon to a picture you already have stored on your device just load it into MagicMarker and begin vandalizing it. When I attempted this I encountered a couple of problems that must be noted. First my picture didn’t load, it took me two tries to get it to load and then for some reason the undo function would not let me undo all the way back to the start of my doodle. This was a bummer because I was then forced to start a new page and then reload the picture.

Once you have everything figured out and loaded properly the only thing left is to unleash your creativity and have some fun. I was using this app on my Motorola Droid and found its 3.7″ canvas to be a little small and it left me yearning for more space (tablet donations will be accepted). For maximum fun this app is best left to the big screens. If you have kids they will enjoy using MagicMarker and the best part is there won’t be any mess to clean up. As for myself, the first time using it was fun but the magic wore off rather quickly. Either way, this app is completely free of charge and free of toxic chemicals (unless your kid decides to eat your phone) so why not give it a try.

MagicMarker Review Rundown

Appearance - The screen is the canvas and the menu keys are made small to help give the user as much screen real estate as possible to work with.
User Interface - -1 point for not including any instructions, otherwise simple and easy.
Functionality - Other than the issues I had with loading a picture and the undo, everything functioned as would be expected. Doodle, share and save.
Lasting Appeal - The "Lasting Appeal" on this one really is age dependent. Score is a 10 for my kids (2yr&4yr) but a 3 for myself (I'm not telling)
Overall - Overall a fun and creative way to doodle.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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