Marble Run Review — a builder’s dream

Marble Run Review — a builder’s dream

Aug 28, 2017

If we’ve said it once, we’ve preached it often… and from every rooftop we could fine: most of the time, simple does it. Yes, we do crave our multi-layered sagas with loads of visuals, but who can turn up a nose to a simple, well-made game?

C’mon. Here we got Marble Run.

It’s all about building. You have pieces, you have space and you have a marble. What type of virtual structure can you create to allow this marble do its thing? Yep, think of those rollercoaster tycoon-ish games, here. Get a marble town going.

It’s easy to get into, even without the incorporated tutorial. You start off in a 3D environment, with selectable pieces that can be used to create said structure, all so that the marble can travel in style.. The pieces run the gamut, too, with gutters, rails, angled pieces, and even pseudo-mechanical ladders and the like. Physical rules apply, so you do have to think of things like gravity, and account for momentum and steepness. Just keep building, adding and adjusting.


As one builds, it is possible to see how it works; you know, to test as you go. Here, it gets fun, seeing what might have made sense theoretically and sometimes observing it fail spectacularly when virtually manifested.

And yes, there are opportunities to spend money.

Now, for all its charm, there are a few things that might pull at the eyebrows somewhat. The adjustable #D view is a brilliant way to see your gorgeous structure develop and expand, but darn, it feels a bit stilted in actual usage. Also, the actual melding mechanism — adding new pieces — acts a bit stubborn, and the menu could do with a bit of souping up.

If being a fun little game allows folks to overlook miniature drawbacks, this game just might be make it through to players hearts scot-free. Just as well, we suppose; time to get a-buildin’.

Marble Run Review — a builder’s dream Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Great orientation, simple use of graphics.
Controls - Touch and dragging; could be smoothed out somewhat.
Gameplay - Fun and engaging; it might even live up to its "educational" billing.
Replay Value - Easy to return to.
Overall - Cool entry with room to grow.

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