MARVEL Future Fight Review

MARVEL Future Fight Review

May 8, 2015

It’s a Marvel world, and I suspect we all just live in it. MARVEL Future Fight might be proof.

MARVEL Future Fight is part attrition beat-em up, part RPG, and all action. The basic concept is to assemble heroes from the expansive stable of MARVEL characters, good and bad, and to use the resultant collective to prevent destruction. More specifically, Nick Fury calls up for help from the future, letting the whole crew know about collapsing dimensions and such. Scary stuff.

The action is pushed through gameplay tutorials, allowing one to pick a control set and to understand the basics of movement and attack. It is broken into missions, and generally starts with a single Marvel persona roaming through the playing environment and taking on groups of enemies of different abilities in a war of life-bars. Finishing missions brings rewards that can be used to unlock new superheroes, or to take advantage of the RPG mechanism by improving characters.

The game sports an original storyline, and players can do the single-player thing or use the Ally system to beat a particularly irksome boss-villain. There are bonuses to be earned, and each are valuable with regards to acquiring content. And yes, real cash can be used to expedite progress in several facets.


I do treasure a good back/accompanying story attached to the game — it must be the writer in me — but I do find the surrounding tale, as dispensed by aforementioned dialogue boxes, a bit busy and almost distracting. I can’t complain too hard, because one can skip through these. The intro tutorial is also somewhat discordant, but relatively short.

In the end, it is a freemium game that manages to avoid — mostly — being too naggy. It is a simple beat em up adventure that didn’t deviate too far from its core elements, and that cuts both ways.

MARVEL Future Fight Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Eye-pleasing looks, smooth animations and game-appropriate sounds.
Controls - Multiple control set options is appreciated.
Gameplay - Simple gameplay is somewhat cloaked by over-involved upgrade process.
Replay Value - Fairly engaging.
Overall - An action-packed affair, with plenty of familiar characters and a definite freemium flavor.

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