Marvel Run Jump Smash! Review

Marvel Run Jump Smash! Review

Feb 24, 2014

Like most of mobile games based on popular franchises, Marvel Run Jump Smash! is disappointing. Not horrible, but horribly disappointing. Its main problem is that, being a somewhat decent runner, it doesn’t utilize any pros that come with Marvel franchise. It’s baffling, to say he truth. There’s no pretty artwork, no character interaction and no story. The game is seemingly based on the premise of Avngers, with Loki stealing a McGuffin and flying away with it, while the heroes chase after him, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t heard a single line of story, or voice acting, aside from some grunts and screams. It’s easy to forget that you’re actually playing a game about world-famous superheroes, and it starts to degrade into some generic runner rather quickly.

The gameplay isn’t much different from other horizontal runners, and plays pretty smoothly, if repetitively. The player runs as one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Nick Fury or Maria Hill, running after Loki, collecting the golden tokens, and shooting the bad guys that stand in his way. Sometimes, the agent runs into a hero token that replaces him with a hero. Each hero has some special powers and unique abilities, some of them unlocked by spending the player-obtained gold. Iron Man can shoot laser beam out of his arms and fly, Hulk can jump down on enemies, but there’s a range of skills that can be applied to any of them at random, spending some gold. These heroes only last for a while, to be replaced by the agentMarvel Run Jump Smash! 3 again, and the cycle repeats. The gold is spent not only on hero upgrades, but also on general improvements that let the heroes run for longer, before switching back to an agent or get more gold per run, as well as on expendable power-ups.

Marvel Run Jump Smash! has lots of enemies and various power-ups that can keep the game interesting, but only for a while. Although using different heroes and having actual battle mechanics that differ for each one of them does count for an interesting idea, it’s not enough to keep a fan of the movie, or comics, glued to the screen for long. As I said, I’ve lost any connection to a Marvel franchise after a while and just played it as another mediocre runner. Which, I think, it really is.

Marvel Run Jump Smash! Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Cheap and generic - especially for a Marvel game.
Controls - Nothing worth mentioning.
Gameplay - Not bad, but pretty repetitive.
Replay Value - High, since it's an infinite runner.
Overall - I can't say that it's bad. It's just a lot worse than it should be.

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