Matchagon Review

Matchagon Review

Dec 31, 2013

Matchagon is a match-3 dropping block game from Tinytouchtales.

The game gets high marks for simplicity and invoking familiarity. The playing grid is coated in stark white, and the 2D stylings kinda remind one of Tetris. The playing pieces are octagon shapes, and are different colors, mostly soft pastels, with a sharp purple here and a dark blue there. These 6 or 7 colors drop one by one from the top of the playing area randomly, with one visually on deck.

The white playing area can take these playing pieces five playing pieces wide and six deep, and by dragging, it is possible to pick the lane a particular piece drops in; the idea is to use the matching powers of same colored pieces to prevent the playing grid from being completely filled. match1

When three or more pieces of the same color are stacked vertically, they combine to become a powerful combo piece. When a diagonal or horizontal line of colors is formed, they explode for points, and all the pieces around the disintegrated ones obey simplistic laws of gravity and fill the vacated space. If a combo piece is used in one of the sets, more points are gained, and it is possible to create a super combo piece by stacking three sets of three pieces of the same color. If and when the area is completely filled, the run ends, and the final score is tallied.

The gameplay is patient, but challenging at the same time. the randomness of the dropping pieces does create situations in which ad hoc strategy has to be created an adjusted in a play or two. the gameplay comes into two flavors, normal and hard. The hard playing level is set apart by the addition of an extra black piece,which are dead shapes; they just occuoy space, and create gaps that need to be played around.

For a simple brain teaser, this game hits the spot. The graphics are not going to cause George Lucas envy, but the gameplay doesn’t really need any extra sass to resonate.

It just works.

Matchagon Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Utilitarian fair.
Controls - Intuitive drag and drop.
Gameplay - Elements of Tetris and match-3
Replay Value - Simple fun.
Overall - Great concept, good presentation.

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