Mega Run – Redford’s Adventure Review

Mega Run – Redford’s Adventure Review

Apr 9, 2013

Mega Run – Redford’s Adventure is a cool side scrolling running game from Get Set Games Inc. It serves as a counterpart/sequel to the cross-platform hit Mega Jump. In this iteration, the fun protagonist (Redford) is in search of his kidnapped siblings, and intends to get them back no matter what.

As far as side scrollers go, I thought Mega Run was plenty of fun. It pitted me as a running creature, running through a fantasy land of greenery, structures, opposing monsters and all the power-ups I could shake a stick at.

But first, I have to pay homage to the use of color. The developer did well to use soft colors to actually emphasize game animations. It was a rich bucket of visual fun, and it was created in such a way that I was able to enjoy every obstacle and every assist. The game visuals actually lifted my spirit, and the accompanying music was just as lighthearted.mega1

The controls mainly had to do with either jumping, or jumping higher, so simplicity seemed to be a design element. The game demanded quick wits and reasonable timing of jumps, as there were numerous moving objects to collect or avoid. Collectibles included forest gems, coins, stars and attribute-enhancing power-ups (I especially liked the magnets). I had to race against time to get to the end of a stretch, and succeed ensured the unlocking of higher levels. A three star system measured excellence, and levels could be replayed infinitely.

In-game purchasing existed to speed up the unlocking of advanced levels. it was possible to play through without real world cash, but patience was needed in this regard.

The varied runs mixed in with leveled gameplay should be pleasing to most players, and the game is easy to pick up and enjoy without being overly simplistic. With numerous characters, a couple dozen power-ups and more, it had the doctor’s recommended daily allowance of fun and more.

Mega Run – Redford’s Adventure Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Well done... invoked happiness. Seriously.
Controls - Tap, tap, tap. Very easy to understand
Gameplay - Easy to pick up, and plenty of varied, leveled play.
Replay Value - Highly addictive.
Overall - A fun, all-round offering.

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