Merge Town! Review

Merge Town! Review

Oct 23, 2017

In the timeless vein of looking for potentially fantastic time wasters, we stumbled upon Merge Town!, a relatively new game from Gram Games.

Yes, here we go…

Out the gate, it is very appealing from a visual point of view. The gameplay relies on slick animations and jovial depictions, and it does deliver. It isn’t overly complex in the looks department, but if the idea is to complement the action, it works quite well.mt3

And how does it play? Well, let’s take the first world as our template. You start out with a few plots of land, and the game auto-generates a crate which contains a basic housing unit; these drop on one of the land squares. After a set interval, another drops, and so on until the land is full. These simple units generate money, which can be used down the line. Bungalows become

Now, the main gimmick is to drag the unit unit into the another of the same value. When merged, they create a new, bigger, more valuable house that pops out more money per interval. Basically, you keep on merging and merging similar units, multiplying and managing to create more wealth, and to access more land.

So… the one attribute we laud whenever we find it — simplicity — just might be a double edged sword here. The delightfully mindless nature is great when it comes to picking this on up on the fly might make it just as easy to quit. It doesn’t have lot of depth, and the continuous tapping and merging can verge on the monotonous. There are different worlds to navigate, yes, but this really is a game that has very little complexity.

Ah, but it really isn’t meant to, which is why is might resonate with folks who accept it for what it is: an uber-capable time wasting clicker game.

Merge Town! Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Packs a lot of character visually.
Controls - Taps and clicks: fairly intuitive.
Gameplay - Simple stuff here.. it's all about revealing, merging, discovery.
Replay Value - Great in small bursts.
Overall - One dimensional, but still interesting in moderation.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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