Mini Golf Mundo Review

Mini Golf Mundo Review

Dec 16, 2013

I’m pretty hyped about Mini Golf Mundo, because I haven’t played a mobile game like that in months. It’s not exciting, pretty irritating, hard, and lacks half of the features I’ve come to expect from a game. It’s also the best golf simulator you can expect, despite the fact that the game features black magic and flying fish. In other words, Mini Golf Mundo is hardcore. I’m not afraid of using this word when talking about a mobile golf game, because it really is. Not because it’s impossible to complete, or even play, but because it’s a fairly faithful recreation of a mini-golf experience, without any distractions.

Mini Golf Mundo doesn’t have any features, except for the four courses of varying difficulty, 18 holes a course. There’s no “practice”, or “level select”. Once you start a course, you have to finish it. If the ball doesn’t reach the hole in eight hits, the hole is skipped, so you can’t really “fail” a course. The only thing that matters is whether you beat the par. Since all the four courses are available at the start, there’s no need to unlock or complete anything. There’s only the enjoyment and concentration on the game. Of course, it can be viewed as a flaw, and it can be somewhat boring to play without any in-game goals, but as I’ve already said – it’s hardcore. If you don’t enjoy golf, there’s simply nothing for you to do here. If you do, however, it’s an incredibly well-made golfing experience.

Mini Golf Mundo has incredible graphics, and ball behavior. The course isn’t realistic, and the latter courses casually Mini Golf Mundo 4implement teleportation and disappearing platforms, but somehow, it still feels more real than half of the other simulators. The controls are really simple. Slide around the screen to rotate the ball’s direction, and then touch the only button on the screen to launch the ball. The longer the button is pressed, the stronger you will hit the ball. If the ball falls out of the course, or into the water, it’s automatically placed on its earlier position. Mini Golf Mundo can be played by up to four players on the same device, in a “hot-seat” mode – again, there are no additional mechanics here. Another nice touch is that there is no soundtrack, apart from the chipping of birds in the background. The only score is how many hits it took the players to reach the hole.

The only problem I have with the game is that there’s no way to overlook the course, apart from the starting animation, and no camera options. The camera is positioned fine, but there still should be at least some options to change it. I have to add that, while I think that Mini Golf Mundo is a very well-made game, I actually was fairly irritated by it. Just a quick PSA: if you’re easily irritated, a single botched hole has potential to completely ruin the entire course, your mood, and your mobile device.

Mini Golf Mundo Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Absolutely magnificent, although the announcer is a bit irritating.
Controls - Very simple - actually, they could be a bit more complicated.
Gameplay - Simple and hard at the same time. So, a lot like the real thing.
Replay Value - Entirely depends on your desire to beat your own records.
Overall - It lacks many features, but it's a great golf simulator.

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