Mini Guns Review: the little guys wage war!

Mini Guns Review: the little guys wage war!

Sep 21, 2017

Off the bat, the biggest mistake you might make with new game Mini Guns is trying to fit it all into one tidy box.

It’s a fun looking game, with great use of color and great animations.

The hands on tutorial is just right with regards to getting acquainted with how everything works. Basically, you get two armies, and these armies are made up of miniature army pieces — whimsical yet deadly versions. Each piece has unique abilities… for example, an infantryman has a relatively low efficacy and defense, but can be deployed easy. A tank is relatively powerful, but requires a bit more to deploy.

So, when it gets going, you are pitted against an opponent, and the idea is destroy their home base before the opposing army can destroy yours. There are so many opportunity costs to consider. For instance, there are multiple buildings in addition to the base; do you go for those, or go straight down the gut trying to end a match by hitting the big stuff? Do you go at it with several small pieces, or wait for points to accumulate to attack with something bigger?

There are challenges, pieces can be upgraded, there are gift crates and one need not necessarily spend real money.


This game excels in the way it brings together several different elements, and in how well it does so. The head to head battles are fun in and of themselves, but the minor piece of capture the flag adds to the enjoyment factor.

It also sneaks in some distinct tower defense aspects in the way one has to figure out a way to prevent one’s base from getting whacked. Of course, the fact that you simultaneously have to be on the offensive to win battles makes it that more engaging.

All in all, it plays well, and might even be more addicting than you might be prepared for.

Just as well.

Mini Guns Review: the little guys wage war! Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Whimsically vibrant, with plenty of smooth animations and pleasing visual effects.
Controls - Intuitive taps and dragging.
Gameplay - Straightforward battler with capture the flag and tower defense elements.
Replay Value - Easy to get lost in.
Overall - Quite the engaging adventure.

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